Day 9 - Rainbow

For today in the 30 days of untried challenge,  I had to have a rainbow mani. But I also had this polish that I found in my drawer and was amazed at the fact I never tried it before. And when I put it on, at first, I wanted to use it as my metallic. But after looking at the pictures, I realized this was perfect for rainbow.
Aqua Daisy - Fuel Spill

This is Fuel Spill by Aqua Daisy. I got it together with Shazaam! but somehow I didn't get to try it yet. I can't even understand why. This is such a beauty black holo. Just like Shazaam application was a piece of cake. 2 easy coats that applied like butter. You could go away with just one coat but I felt I needed a second. It dries real quick and has a very strong holo shine. I can say with no "cheater's guilt" in my heart that this polish shows the whole rainbow.
All photos show 2 coats of Fuel Spill with no top, in the late afternoon direct sun.
Aqua Daisy - Fuel Spill

Aqua Daisy - Fuel Spill

Aqua Daisy - Fuel Spill

Aqua Daisy - Fuel Spill

Aqua Daisy - Fuel Spill
You can find Fuel Spill in Aqua Daisy's Etsy shop for $12. Also, make sure you follow her facebook page, to get all the latest updates. Aside for amazing polish, Aqua Daisy also offers a very pleasant service and some fun and colorful hair accessories.


Criminal Nails said...

YES and WOW is all that comes to mind. It's gorgeous, and it works perfectly fine for the rainbow challenge! That range of colors... Beautiful!

Pointless Cafe said...

My favorite indie polish EVER is Shazaam, so naturally I got this one too - I can't wait to try it now. It looks fantastic on you!

Ariadne Elise said...

Holo rainbow! Such a clever interpretation on the theme. Bravo! =)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Very pretty holo, and definitely so fitting for the rainbow theme! ;-)

~ Yun

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