Day 15 - Delicate Print

Oh wow, we're already half way through the 30 Days of Untried Challenge! How time flies!
So today i'm suppose to have a delicate print on my nails. I had terrible difficulties with this one. I re-did it maybe four times and wasn't happy with anything. No matter how hard I tried - it didn't look delicate to me. So I decided it's time for drastic measures and I took my nail-stickers out. And as I went through them, it hit me: Alter Ego - Beachcomber!
Alter Ego - Beachcomber
Alter Ego - Beachcomber

This is such a beautiful polish. Light blue - turquoise with turquoise shimmer. The kind of polish that makes me stare at my nails all day. That shimmer is so delicate and subtle, that blue with those slight green undertone, the satin finish of this polish all make me think of summer and vacation. Cynthia of Alter Ego describes this color: Take a walk on a Caribbean beach and this is the color of the bay waters. Slightest of shimmer, turquoise with a hint of green. This could not have been any more accurate.
Make sure you shake the polish before use, to have the colorants and shimmer even together in the bottle. Cynthia recommends placing the bottle upside down for 5 minutes and then shake. Well, I needed no more then the lightest shake and it was ready to use. The formula of this polish is the easiest to work with. It goes nice and even on the nail with no brush strokes and no pooling. It dries almost immediately and it's completely opaque in two easy coats. All pics show two coats of Beachcomber and one coat of Fast Forward Top Coat by China Glaze.
Alter Ego - Beachcomber
Alter Ego - Beachcomber.
Alter Ego - Beachcomber
Alter Ego - Beachcomber.
Alter Ego - Beachcomber
Alter Ego - Beachcomber.
This polish is so delicate that it needs nothing more. But the challenge did say "delicate print" so I added some nail stickers by Joby Nail Art to complete my Caribbean scene.
Alter Ego - Beachcomber


Shelby Swatches said...

My favorite is the nail with the whale!

natalsie said...

so cute)))

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

I was all,"Where's she going with this?" Yor little fishie stickers are adorable and that blue is simply perfect as a water shade.

Erin said...

First off, love the color! It's so pretty. I really like the stickers you used too, they are so cute! :) I had the hardest time with this challenge too! I only tried three times and got so frustrated that I just gave up and used that last thing I did. Ugh hate it haha.

Criminal Nails said...

Yum! That polish is great! Sad that the summer is on it's way to disappearing for now, because I would totally want to rock that on the beach! Love it :)

May said...

Aww, your stickers are so cute! I love the little whale! And the color is the perfect background! Great mani!

Be fashion Be glamour said...

Wow so cute,i love it!that blue is awesome muuuakkk

ahhhdri said...

Such a cute mani, I love the stickers!!!

Andrea said...

Awww! Those stickers are SO cute! Love Beachcomber too.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

So freaking cute! Love the blue base and those fish stickers! :D :D

~ Yun

Printing Ray said...

Very nice colors :) I personally love Nail Decals. )
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Gosia said...

Aaaaaah, I need this blue!!!! Ive never heard of this polish before and I immediately went to the website and now I have two lemmings instead of one!!! I love the stickers, they are the cutest!!!

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