Today's post is a real special one for me. Not only that I am totally in love with this polish, but also - it is the first time ever that I received a polish for review! So I am extremely excited to present to you:
The Nail Junkie - Tiger
The Nail Junkie - Tiger
The Nail Junkie - Tiger. Outdoors in natural light, in the shade.

Tiger, from the new Artisan polish collection by The Nail Junkie is an orange creme filled with thin black stripes.  Unlike all the glitter polishes that have all sort of glitter shapes and colors in the bottle, Tiger is very simple. But in my opinion - this is it's strength. It is so delicate, yet it roars aloud! 
The Nail Junkie - Tiger
The Nail Junkie - Tiger, outdoors in the sun.
Ok, let's move to the important details:
Application of Tiger is like a dream. Smooth and easy. The formula is wonderful. Exactly what I have learned to expect from The Nail Junkie. The glitter is suspended well in the base and does not curl and does not sink. There is no need to shake the bottle too much and no need to fish the glitter. It spreads evenly on the nail with ever stroke. However, the important thing is to use thin coats. There is so much glitter in this polish that trying to use a thick coat will result in too much glitter that will block this pretty creme base. 
I used three thin coats that dries real quick. Then one coat of Gelous and I was good to go.
The Nail Junkie - Tiger
The Nail Junkie - Tiger, outdoor in the sun.
The Nail Junkie - Tiger
The Nail Junkie - Tiger, in the sun.
The Nail Junkie - Tiger
The Nail Junkie - Tiger, in the sun.
The Nail Junkie - Tiger, outdoors in natural light.
The Nail Junkie - Tiger
The Nail Junkie - Tiger, outdoors in the shade. A close-up
The Nail Junkie - Tiger
The Nail Junkie - Tiger, outdoors in natural light
The Nail Junkie - Tiger
The Nail Junkie - Tiger, in natural light.
Since this polish was sent for me to review, I tried real hard to find something... less then perfect about it. I didn't want you to think that I am getting all too excited about it and forget myself. But I honestly could not find such a thing. I am truly in love with this polish. I think it is so different from the glitter bombs you see all around. It is very delicate and simple - but it pops. You just cannot miss it! 

You can purchase Tiger, as well as all other polishes from the Animals collection in The Nail Junkie's store. In the store you will also find polishes from previous collection. The polishes are retailed for $10 each, and they ship Internationally for a $5 flat rate, and free within the US.
Also, make sure you follow The Nail Junkie's blog as well as Facebook page, to get all the latest updates.


Pointless Cafe said...

Looks fantastic on you! I always love Aleta's creativity!

illustratedlady said...

Fantastic review! The pictures are great and easy to see and it reminds me of Tigger in the Winnie the Pooh cartoon!

Criminal Nails said...

Lady, you're a PRO now! OMG people, Jin is reviewing polishes! I am soooo happy ^^ that is a great recognition to your blog, and a well deserved one! Congrats ^^

That polish is fun, fun, fun! And it wears its name like a glove!

PS: I am back, but completely K.O. Feels good to be back here, though! :)

Patty said...

GREAT mani and review!! You are good at this, girl. Actually before this I saw Tiger BUT didn't pay much attention to it. It is really cute and now I am interested in it. Thank you.

Steamy Nails said...

First of all, congrats to you :3 My thing with this polish is that the glitters don't seem to lay flat and it seems kind of messy looking :\

JennaFroggy said...

Oh, I am so happy for you. Reviewing polishes is so fun! Tiger is really cute, but you know my thing with bar glitters, so there is no worry about me wanting it, lol.

Gosia said...

wohoooo!!!! I'm so glad you got a polish to review!!!! you know what that means, that you are well respected and interesting blogger!!! Not like we, your readers, don't already know that, but the rest of the world needs to know that too! I'm so happy for you!!!!!
As for the polish it looks so cool!! totally reminds me of tiger stripes! and it's orange, so it's automatically a winner! =)

Andrea said...

Wow! Now you know I'm not a fan of Orange, but that polish really DOES look like a tiger! It's really cool! I can already think of some fun nail art for it!

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