Day 6 - Z is for Zeus - Violet

What a perfect morning. I hope yours is as well!
Day 6 of The 30 Days of Untried Challenge is here and I have to show you my violet polish. This is really perfect because my violet polish is also one that starts with Z, the last one I am still missing in The Alphabet Challenge! Let me show you the lovely Zeus by Sinful Colors.
Sinful Colors - Zeus

Zeus was release as part of the spring 2012 Cast Away collection by Sinful Colors. It is a lovely dusty purple filled with gorgeous magenta shimmer. I have a special place in my heart for all those dusty colors. There's something very beautiful about them in my opinion, and this polish is no exception.

Formula of this god was divine. Ok, maybe not divine. I just liked the sound of that sentence. But actually the formula was very good. No dragging, no streaking, no pooling, just butter-like polish. It is also very pigmented and only needed 2 coats to get opaque. The pink shimmer translate to the nails very well and in the light this polish has such a beautiful view.
Sinful Colors - Zeus

Sinful Colors - Zeus

Sinful Colors - Zeus

Sinful Colors - Zeus
And with that I am happy to say that The Alphabet Challenge is done! 

But don't forget to check the other entries in the 30 Days Challenge as well!


Gosia said...

Oh I almost wore this for my Z!!!! I can't believe I didn't and missed out, this is so gorgeous!!! I'm a sucker for different colored shimmer in the polishes!! And like you, I love those dusty/muted colors!

Criminal Nails said...

Mar-ve-lous! :D Looks amazing! I sort of have a hir or miss relationship with SC... Liked one out of three so far! And most of the time it's due to the application, so this one would be on the hit list ^^

I agree, those dusty colors are amazing, and really flattering :)

Polish and Such said...

This one is very pretty!! I think I passed it up when it was out. If I would have noticed that shimmer I would have grabbed it! Beautiful!

BeautyScraps said...

oh I have been lemming this polish! I hope it is repromoted soon! Your photos of it are amazing! Makes me want it even more :) I love dusty shades like this and that shimmer really pushes it over the edge. Love!

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

Very pretty! Sinful seems to have some very unique colors. It's been a blast doing this challenge with you! :)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

So pretty! I love the pink shimmers in there! :-)

~ Yun

Pink Pamalamma said...

It's sooo pretty!!

Beauty Ninja said...

Gosh, that color is gorgeous! I really regret not getting this when I had my chance. :(

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