Day 4 - Green

Another day has gone by and we're already on day 4 of the 30 Days Untried Challenge, the green.
If you are following me for a little while you know I am no fan of greens. I only buy very specific shades of green so it is quite hard to find a green untried polish in my Helmer. But I almost forgot about one that I got a while ago. This is a polish that I got not for it's color, but for it's bottle. So today is just the perfect opportunity to actually try it on. Please welcome to this stage: Peripera - Satin Green (P045).
Peripera - Satin Green
Peripera - Satin Green, artificial lighting indoors

Peripera is a Korean brand and the easiest way to get it is trough eBay for around $8.5 a bottle.
And when I stopped staring at this gorgeous bottle and actually looked at this polish, I really liked it! It's a metallic/chrome olive-green. I think it suits my skin tones nicely, wouldn't you agree?
It is really hard to stop staring at that cool kitty. LOL but I guess you do want some important details. So here goes: What you see here are two coats. But the truth is - this is a classy one coater! It is very well pigmented and has a great formula. Like most metallics/chromes you do see the brush strokes but very subtly. This is just the texture of this polish. As for application - it levels itself perfectly and the second coat is just for us freaks who "gotta do two"! There is no top coat in these pics.
Drying time was also surprisingly fast. I have several chromes and while they do dry quickly, none of them dries AS quickly as this one!
Peripera - Satin Green
Peripera - Satin Green , artificial lighting indoors
Peripera - Satin Green
Peripera - Satin Green , Outdoors in the sun.
Peripera - Satin Green
Peripera - Satin Green , Outdoors in the sun.
I thought about stamping on this polish with gold. I don't know, it felt the most appropriate. But after using my Kleancolor Metallic Yellow yesterday, I don't have any untried gold so I went with a darker olive-green and used Life - a local brand polish, number 286. I kind of like the results although it's not exactly the way I wanted it to look.
Peripera - Satin Green
Peripera - Satin Green .
Peripera - Satin Green
Peripera - Satin Green
Peripera - Satin Green
Peripera - Satin Green
And just before you leave to take a look at all the other participants of the 30 Days Challenge, I'll leave you with one last bottle shot ;-)
Peripera - Satin Green
Peripera - Satin Green


Missy Gnarly Gnails said...

love this!

Gosia said...

Duuuude... I love everything about this polish!!! I'm no fan of greens either, but this one is not really green, more like olive. And so reflective!! And the bottle!!!!! swoons...
And your stamping!!! what stamp is that?? Just so you know, I'm saving that mani in my Monkey-See-Monkey-Do folder!!! I freaking LOVE IT!!!

JennaFroggy said...

I love this brand of polish...I bought my first one for the bottle, too. They are so cute!

Stella said...

Wow that color is amazing!

Griele said...

Love the leaves!

Tintin said...

Wow I love the subtle stamping and that bottle is so cute

Beauty Ninja said...

I love the kitty bottle! I have never seen this brand before, and I follow a ton of blogs. The color looks great on you too. I love the stamp design you did. Very pretty manicure. :)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

That bottle is super cool! And I like the green leaf stamping... very cute and appropriate for the green color. :D

~ Yun

Criminal Nails said...

That bottle is super cute ^^ I would purchase one of Peripera's polishes just for the same exact reason you did! If the polish is slightly nice: it must be mine :p

You made a great choice, that color is classy! And yes, it suits you!

Raggio di Luna said...

I don't like this kind of finish, but I do like the colour and the bottle...!!!! :-) It looks good on you!
I liked it much more with the stamping! :-)

Agia said...

The shade is very nice, but the bottle... wow! So cool :))

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