Day 24 - Inspired by a Book

Today's post in the 30 Days of Untried Challenge is dedicated to a book I read more then once and I loved every bit of it - but there is no way I could read again today. I am based on the Hebrew version so you might not recognize it at first but give it a try ;-)

First - let me tell you that the hand on my ring nail is not giving you the finger. It's just a reflection of the light. But other then that - can you recognize? Ok, I won't keep you in suspense because I know the book looks different in it's English version. This is IT by Stephen King. This is how the book looks in it's hebrew version:
And now to the mani. I started with a black creme - Revlon - Black Lingerie. It's a nice polish really. Good consistency, well pigmented, great gloss finish. If you use thick coats it's a one coater. Personally I prefer thin coats and two were definitely enough. All in all it's a pretty good polish but I have one complaint about it: I hate it's brush. I really, really hate it. It is very thin, too hard and not spreading. If this polish was even the slightest thicker, you would see the brush strokes. To cover my entire nail I need 3 or 4 strokes - at least. So this is not going to be my go-to black polish, and I am quite certain it's only use in the future will be in nail art where I don't have to use this brush.
Revlon - Black Lingerie
So I created the clown's buttons and balloons and the bloody white glove. But I admit I was too nervous about the paper boat to be able to draw it too...

By the way, my friend Sheila from the Pointless Cafe also chose IT as her inspiration for today's mani. I promise we didn't plan that!
And these are the polishes I used. From left to right: Dermelect - Above it, Milani - Tailor made, Zoya - America, Chic - Frost, Chic - Citrine Gold, Milai - White on the spot, Deborah Lippmann - Lara's Theme, Color Club - Koo Koo Cachoo and Revlon - Black lingerie.


Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

I don't know the book, but just from seeing the cover, I think you did a fabulous job of interpreting it!! :D

~ Yun

Gosia said...

Oh I really liked this book, and I usually don't like scary anything!! I was actually really scared when I was reading it haha :))). I hated the ending though!!! I won't say it out loud for fear of spoiling it for people who want to read it, but really?? After such a good book that's all King could come up with??!!! Great representation of the book on your nails!!!

Criminal Nails said...

I agree with Yun, you recreated that cover very very well ^^ And OMG your followers countdown is... higher than the sky! I am amazed! You deserve a hundred more, so... KEEP ON COMING HERE, PEOPLE! :D

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