Day 11 - Polka Dots

Today, for day 11 of the 30 Days of Untried Challenge, I have something special to show you. I was supposed to make a polka dots mani. So I took my dotter out and started to think what I would do. I opened my Pink/Purple drawer and saw this little baby stands on the side looking a little sad. Immediately I knew this is my polka dots manicure, and I can't believe I haven't tried this beauty yet!
Dandy Nails - Come Out And Play

Dandy Nails - Come Out And Play is a multi-dimensional polish. It is a violet jelly base packed with lots of white small hex glitter. The sheerness of the jelly base make this polish look as if the glitter lays in several different depths over the nail. Some might call it a jelly sandwich. I think multi-dimensional do better justice to this gorgeous polish.

The glitter is very well suspended in Come Out And Play, and does not concentrate at the bottom of the bottle. No need for any nasty shakes. Every brush stroke will fill your nail with those gorgeous little dots. The brush is nicely spread, making the application of the polish a piece of cake, and the best news of all - it is opaque in just two coats! What else can you as for?
All pics show two coats of Come Out And Play and one coat of fast dry top coat in natural light.

Dandy Nails - Come Out And Play

Dandy Nails - Come Out And Play

Dandy Nails - Come Out And Play

You can find Dandy Nails - Come Out And Play in Dandy Nail's shop on Etsy or at the Ninja Polish store. Make sure you get all the updates and information you need at Dandy Nails page on Facebook.


Criminal Nails said...

Awwww you cheated! :p Show us your... dots!

Tintin said...

Lol I was also expecting to see dots, I was like where's the dots? Well those glitters can be pretty as polka dots as well.

Gosia said...

cheater cheater!!! LOL j/k =)) that's exactly what I would have done!! lovely polish!!! =)))

Agia said...

This shade is really pretty :)

May said...

Haha, this awesome polish is distracting me so much, you can leave your dotting tool where it is :D It looks like you could just jump in, the base is so squishy!

Jacki said...

Love! I almost put this on yesterday!

ahhhdri said...

Such a gorgeous squishy color!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

haha that is one way to get around doing dots! It's a pretty polish. :-)

~ Yun

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