Day 3 - Yellow

Hello again!
I am now with my new post for the 30 Days Untried Challenge, and I would like to show you my yellow mani. First the polish itself - Jaune Trendy by Bourjois.
Jaune Trendy by Bourjois

Jaune Trendy is a nice deep yellow, almost orange. It is opaque in two coats but the formula was too thick in my opinion. But here is the catch: This polish has a shiny vinyl-like finish, that is somewhat lost if thinned. So you have to be very careful both at thinning and at application.
Although this is - again, in my opinion - a summer color, I would have to try it again when the weather cools down. Maybe it will help the application with something.
Jaune Trendy by Bourjois

Jaune Trendy by Bourjois
My main idea for the Yellow day was to stamp with one yellow over another. But my choice of yellows didn't quite cooperate, so I gave up and used Kleancolor Metallic Yellow, which is just a fancy name for gold. I am not very happy with this mani and I think I will change it tonight already.
Jaune Trendy by Bourjois

Jaune Trendy by Bourjois

Jaune Trendy by Bourjois


Unknown said...

I really like it with the stamping over kinda eases up the harshness of the yellow, if you know what I mean :O)

Unknown said...

Very cute!

Tintin said...

I like the subtle stamping and that shade is so pretty

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

ooooh that's definitely an interesting color! I like the stamping that you added. It adds a little sparkle to the whole thing. :-)

~ Yun

M. Fourey said...

This color is nice, and I liked that subtle stamping! That's all I can give for a yellow mani; it is a color that I totally hate to wear on myself. Big story short: I just hate lemon since I was a kid, and that hatred extended to everything related, that is, yellow.

Daphne said...

I love that yellow ! :) Since I'm pale as a ghost, I think it's the kind of yellow that would fit me. I think.

Anyway, nice job for the application !

Gosia said...

Really, you don't like it??? I love it!!! I really like soft stamping, I think it's perfect for those whole designs!! in fact, you just gave me an idea!! I've got so many stamping plates and so many full images that I would never use, and that's what I will do, use just a different hue of the same color!! You're genius, Jin!

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