Day 21 - Inspired by Color

Oh wow... I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of new followers and wonderful wonderful comments I am receiving! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

This post for the 21st day of the 30 Days of Untried Challenge was suppose to be published last night. But I had a very long day yesterday and by the time I finished preparing everything... I fell asleep. But you know how they say - better late then never? So here's my color inspired mani. I was inspired by this post by my friend Gosia from Life In Color!

I started with two oats of Above It by Dermelect, a perfect light blue that I have been wanting to try for awhile now, but just didn't get the chance. Application was easy and flawless at the two coats, despite the fact that first coat felt a little bit too thick. Seemed like everything evened up on the second coat. Drying time was pretty good too. I will have to use this polish again soon!
Above It - Dermelect
Above It - Dermelect. Indoors with artificial lighting
Then I applied one coat of DVD from Sally Hansen's Hi-Definition collection. DVD is a rather sheer light blue base with violet duochrome and tons of shimmer. I could use DVD alone because what I was looking for was the violet duochrome, but using 4 or 5 coats of DVD is a harsh punishment. This polish dries relatively slow by itself. But layered over Dermelect it dried quickly and did not need more then one coat. The violet in this polish is visible on the nail almost as good as it is visible in this bottle shot but for some reason I was having difficulties capturing it.
DVD - Sally Hansen
DVD by Sally Hansen in direct sunlight.
Then I used Nails Inc. in Westminster to dot my grapes. At first I thought I might do a whole cluster of grapes but I was too tired to really mess with that so I went real easy. This whole mani, including all drying times too me less then 10 minutes to complete. The highlights in the grapes were made with Essie - Van D'go and the stems with Bourjois - Vert Chlorophylle and a tiny touch of Zoya Veruschka. For a ten minutes mani I am real happy with this one, although it makes me feel a little bit like a 6 year old... LOL Well, at least it's violet!


Criminal Nails said...

Lovely ^^! I have a sibling of DVD, called Laser :p It's a darker blue, but does not have that holo-y glow yours has. It makes the mani much more interesting :)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Jin, I LOVE this! I really like fruity manis, I'm not sure why... maybe it's cause I love eating fruits in real life and they remind me of the summer time. So yes, your mani is awesome! And the grapes look so yummy. :D

~ Yun

Gosia said...

Dude!!!! This is perfect!!!! Blah, I just inspired you with the name, this is soo awesome!!!!! I love love this Sally Hansen over the blue, I can't believe I've never thought of it!!!! Perfect little grapes too!!!!

Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

This is adorable! I LOVE manis with fruit on them, and your grapes look awesome!

ahhhdri said...

so cute, Jin! the grapes came out perfectly!

Victoria - manicurator said...

Super cute!

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