Where in the world - Australia

Finally!! Finally I got my chance to complete my Australian inspired manicure for the Where In The World challenge. My initial idea was a Koala.  But when I tried I figured I better not. My Koala looked more like an alien with a burnt-out match for a nose. So I went with something completely different: The Aboriginal art.

I started with Essie - Meet Me At Sunset, a gorgeous deep orange with a texture that's not exactly creme and not exactly gelly. Somewhere in between. Sorbet maybe? Squeeshy and fun. Applied like a dream with the perfect consistency and the best brush. It's wide enough and soft enough to cover the entire nail in just one stroke. The only nail that needed two strokes was my thumb. This is a super win quality in my book!
Pigmentation of this polish was not as good though, and I needed 3 coats and it still did not give me complete opacity, but for this ease of application - I totally don't mind. Drying time was also perfectly quick and I believe this polish will find its way out of my drawer many more times again.
Essie - Meet Me At Sunset
Essie - Meet Me At Sunset, artificial lighting indoors
Essie - Meet Me At Sunset
Essie - Meet Me At Sunset, direct sunlight
As for the rest of the design - I used Milani White on the spot and China Glaze Sunshine Pop and I used a safety pin to draw. I can't say I had much success with the safety pin, but I did try... I think I need a real small brush. The one I have apparently is not small enough.

And this is the original Aboriginal art.


Karen said...

So cool Jin! I love the final result. I also am a huge fan of meet me at sunset!

My name is Gabby, and Im a nail addict... said...

These nails are absolutely wonderful!

Gosia said...

Wow, this is stunning!!!!! Love love love the concept, base color and the whole combination!!
And I still want to see your burnt nose koala aliens!!! LOL

Raggio di Luna said...

Good idea and job well done! I like it very much! :-)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

aww an alien koala? that I want to see! :P
I love the final result! It came out great! :D

~ Yun

ahhhdri said...

Beautiful mani, Jin!

kelly-devilishdesigns said...

oh wow, I love it! :)

Andrea said...

Wow, Jin!! I love your recreation of this tribal art!! The suns are so pretty and the orange dashes are the perfect addition. My hubby is sitting here with me looking at your manis. He's pretty impressed with your nail art skills!

Mihaela (lacquerbuzz) said...

These came out great! I can't get over how cool this design looks and the color combo is just spectacular. Great job! I was looking forward to seeing your koalas and I'm sure they were great too.

Chameleon Stampede said...

Very, very cool!

natalsie said...

Jin I am so happy you did a design inspired by aboriginal art too)))Beautiful colours!

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