Day 18 - Half Moons

I feel so lucky I have a holiday now. This lets me redo my mani if it doesn't work out. Of course, there's always the option that it's not working out and I have to redo it BECAUSE I have a holiday and not vice versa. You know - like, you waste your time completely if you have time to waste. But you manage to do everything you need, when your time is limited. Isn't it?
Anyway, we've come to day 18 of the 30 Days of Untried Challenge and I was working on my half moon with a certain idea in my head. This is how it started:

A-England's Holy Grail as my base. Then I added A-England's Elain which is a deep dark purple, and my plan was to add some golden lines on top of it bursting like a sun in some retro - 70's pattern. But my cat had another idea. She jumped on me, ruined my middle finger's polish and went up my closet. As you can see I also had some issues with my middle and pinky when the sticker I used for the half moon chipped my base. So I took it off and tried again.
This time I cannot blame it on the cat. She was good. I just got impatient and decided to apply real thick layer of Elaine instead of two thin ones. As you can see on my ring finger this time - Big mistake. So I totally gave up and went for something completely different.
Ok, I don't really think this is a good one. I don't like this mani at all. I think it's too dark, too full of details and to be honest - it completely annoys me. I will have to re-do my half moon at some point because I cannot stand this one. Some info just for those who wanna know - Base is Barielle - Swizzle Stix. Stamping and half-moon is Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire and dots are made with Bourjois - Jaune Trendy, Sinful Colors - Feeling Great and Nfu-Oh - FS11. Stamping plate is DRK - A.


Gosia said...

Oh my gosh, at first I though you had a big rip in your nail in that first picture!!! Those damn cats, they can never just behave!! :))
I like your first mani even though it was just a little imperfect, and the second one is not too bad either!! Maybe a little too busy but the blue base is gorgeous!!!

Kat said...

Argh, it's so frustrating when manicures don't go as planned!

Those A-England polishes go perfectly together! It's a shame your original idea didn't work out.

Tintin said...

I actually love the first one you did haha naughty cat. The second is pretty as well.

Criminal Nails said...

Ohhh Kin the first one was SO beautiful that I think we can look past the cat's input :) Loved that combo, you should definitely try it again sometime later.

I totally understan about the fact that you only lose time when you have time to lose. Sounds logical put that way. But it's magic...

Mari Lumme said...

Oh I know how it feels, once when i was sitting calm and waiting for the polish to dry (surfing internet meanwhile), my cat jumped on the desk right in front of me and waved his bushy tail close to my nails.. and lots of his hair stuck to the half dried polish >< needless to say the manicure was ruined..
i couldn't even get angry with him, bc obviously he wouldn't understand what he did wrong (and actually he didn't do anything bad), so i simply repainted my nails :)
except for the little fault, the first version with golden half moons on dark purple looks interesting!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Aww your kitty got you good. I do love the dark purple/gold combination! It's so classy and festive! :-)

~ Yun

Andrea said...

I enjoy your stamping so much! I love to do it, but for some reason I never think about adding color to the stamping! So silly, really, since I have done paper art stamping for years and years and you almost always add color!! I will have to remember to try next time!

Andrea said...
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Jesss said...

Looks like you've had one nightmare after another with this! I love the first one, shame about your cat misbehaving!

Jesss xo

Ana said...

You might not like it all that much, but I think this could be a good starting point for some other mani, idea-wise.

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