The 30 days challenge of untried

It was peer pressure really. The 30 days challenge is a challenge I really wanted to do for quite some time  but I never had the courage to make such commitment before. Then I saw so many of my blogger friends start the challenge this weekend, so with the pride I still carry of me actually completing (well, almost) The Alphabet Challenge, I decided I could do it. So starting today I will join in the fun and show you 30 manis of my yet untried polish.

Don't worry, you will get to see the last 2 posts I am still missing in the Alphabet and you will see my posts for the Where in the world challenge and you will see some swatches of new and awesome polishes that I got. And as much as I can, I will try to combine posts. But most likely, at times, especially this month, you will see more then one post a day.
I hope.

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And as I am already one day behind, I will show you two days' polish in one post. So let's begin, shell we?

Day One - Red: China Glaze - Phat Santa
China Glaze - Phat Santa
I love red. As I said before, I don't think one can have too many red polishes. This specific one has been a  lemming of mine from the day it came out, in Winter 2010. You see, China Glaze never available in this country. Only a few months ago they entered, but they are only sold at the high-end salons, for a ridiculously high amount of money. But as I became familiar with this wonderful nail-bloggers community and their cool blog-sales, I grabbed this baby in both hands.

Phat Santa is a deep cherry red jelly. It is very pigmented. All these swatches show two coats, with no base and no top. You can still see some VNL (Visible Nail Line) but I think this color is so gorgeous that I totally don't care. Application is perfect. No dragging, no dripping, no pooling and no shit. Simple brush strokes that level perfectly and dry into a super glossy look.
China Glaze - Phat Santa

China Glaze - Phat Santa

Day Two - ORANGE: Lush Lacquer - Tutti Frutti
Lush Lacquer - Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti is a neon-orange sheer jelly, stuffed with tons of glitter: pink, orange, gold and iridescent micro glitter and large light pink - silver hex glitter. It needs to be applied carefully. If you want to avoid the glitter drag, try applying this polish by dubbing it gently on your nails. Also, the larger hexes tend to stick to the sides of the bottle and needs some convincing to show up. But I discovered that if you give the bottle a small shake before every brush dip, you get those out pretty easy. As this polish is so filled with the micro glitter, it only takes two coats to achieve full opacity. Especially if you use the dubbing way to apply it and not the usual strokes. A heavy coat of Gelous seals this mani into summer fun perfection. 
Lush Lacquer - Tutti Frutti

Lush Lacquer - Tutti Frutti

Lush Lacquer - Tutti Frutti
You can find Tutti Frutti in Lush Lacquer's Etsy Shop. They retail for $8.75 for the full size bottle. They are three-free and are available internationally.

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Gosia said...

wow, that is a lot of challenges!!!! I can totally see the reason now you said you were so busy!!!
I love Tutti Frutti!!! well of course, since it's orange =) but it has so much texture to it!! I could personally do without the really dark (black?) glitter, or maybe it's just the pictures since you said it's silver? Anyway, really cool color!!

Tintin said...

Tutti Frutti is so pretty love it

Criminal Nails said...

Aww Jin, you are really committing to a lot of challenges, there! I hope you will be able to manage :p

I wouln't be able to tell which of those two polishes I prefer! That red... OMG. I have many reds and rarely wear them, and Phat Santa has made me wonder why. Classy. Classic. Sexy.

And Tutti Frutti looks a little like the orange version of Floam. Aka a pain in the ass to remove!

Andrea said...

Wow! Super impressed with your "on-the-ball-ness". There is no way I could do a 30 day challenge. I haven't even finished the ABC Challenge yet! Ugh. I really love Phat Santa. I think I need to add it to my collection of reds!

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