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I suppose you remember my mani from Saturday. You seem to have liked it really. Thank you! Well, I did too but after a while I got tired of it and I needed a change. I didn't feel like removing it and starting all over. So I looked around for something interesting I could layer over it, and naturally I went for my multi-chromes.  I reached my hand for Ludurana, this amazingly beautiful Brazilian multi-chrome. I already showed you a couple of these before and now it's time for a third polish from the Aurora Boreal collection. This is Show.

If you like the Multi-Chrome finish, Ludurana Show is a MUST in your stash. I applied two coats over my already black nails. This polish is sheer. After two coats you can see the stamping I had on my nails. Naturally it's easier to see on my ring nail but if you look close, you can see it on all other nails as well. But as much as this polish is sheer, its multi-chrome effect is extremely strong. Depending on the angle you can see here green and turquoise and blue and purple and red and gold and I am sure there are some other shades I forgot on the way. Not much else to say about this polish. It can be worn by itself but you will need 3-4 coats of it. It works best over black. Also, you get to see a little bit of brush strokes but it's really not that bad. A top coat can fix that. You see it here without a top. Other then that, I think I'll let my photos do the talking... Yes, all photos show the very same polish.
Indoors, artificial lighting.
Indoors, artificial lighting.
Indoors, artificial lighting.
Outdoors in the sun. Well, not much sun really. Let's say natural light.
Outdoors, natural light. The drops are the rain that just started...
Outdoors, natural light
Well? What do you think? Is it amazing or is it amazing?
If you're not lucky enough to live in Brazil, you can get these beauties at Ninja Polish and Llarowe where they retail at $10. Both shops ship internationally.


CRaPTRaSH said...

So beautiful!

GlitterInfatuation Jazz said...

Ooosh, this is mighty gorgeous!

Jazz x

Criminal Nails said...

Ah-mazing! A real shifter! It looks stunning! I wish I had access to the brazilian market, I've seen so many Ludurana beauties..! :D

Helen [beauty delights] said...


Chameleon Stampede said...

Amazing! Yummmmm!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oh my, the shifting multichrome colors are AMAZING! :-)

~ Yun

Agia said...

OMG, this is gorgeous!

Gosia said...

dude, this polish is kick-ass!!!! i love it!!!

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