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Maybe you remember, a couple of months ago I told you I had a process starting at work that's meant to turn me into a bank employee, while I am now only an out-source worker. I hoped it would be better but the company I work for doesn't want to let me go because I make a lot of money for them, while they treat me so bad when it comes to all sort of working conditions. Anyway, this thing is dragging and dragging and at this moment I just wish it will be over already. So today's good news is that we're getting close to the final point - the actual contract. Now here's the catch: my salary hadn't change in 5 years. But most likely the bank, that's suppose to take me as an employee will not want to give me a raise to make up for these 5 years, because by taking me as an employee, they already have to spend a lot of money on me. And so we are now dancing around the big green and gold...
Natural light
So while I am going through contracts and the different options, I thought I would show you my "good luck with it!" manicure. Green and gold. What could be more appropriate?
Say hello to Jessica - Iridescent Eye, the famous (and probably the cheapest) dupe for Chanel Peridot.
I don't have the Chanel version but there are many comparison posts. Personally I think that Iridescent Eye  is wonderful. it's very easy to apply, it's opaque in two coats - well, three if you have been uncareful, have a lovely metallic finish and is beautifully multichrome that changes from copper to gold to light olive green to dark peacock green as the angle and lighting change. 
Taken in artificial lighting and flash
Taken in artificial lighting and flash
Taken in artificial lighting and flash
And now I only have to wait and see what will be the final word... I hope you like it!

You can get Jessica - Iridescent Eye at Ninja Polish for the amount of $6.


Natalie Roseanne Peploe said...

This look gorgeous! And good luck with work, I hope you get everything you want and deserve! xxx

ahhhdri said...

Wishing you the best of luck!

Criminal Nails said...

Jin! I wish you most of luck in the next few days! I hope all goes for the best, update us ok? This kind of "dancing" as you call it is neve agreeable, but at least you will see your working conditions improved, right?

Of course, the polish is beautiful! I hope it works! :)

Elizabeth said...

Hope they do right by you, Jin!

This is such a beautiful polish! I keep hoping I'll spot it while I'm out, but so far, no luck. I already have the Chanel and OPI ones, but I want them all! Greedy, I know, but I can't seem to help it with this gorgeous duo. ;)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Good luck with the whole job situation! I love duochrome colors and Iridescent Eye is so pretty! Yay for cheap Chanel dupes! ;-)

~ Yun

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