An Elegant Notepad

The amazing Sarah of Chalkboard Nails just threw the idea in a conversation: do a red half moon over a black and white saran.  Well, it was not suggested to me but I overheard and I thought I could give it a try. Well, I thought. Turned out it was much harder then I expected and my end result is... well... something that looks like an elegant notepad... But for an "out of the sleeve" challenge, I did enjoy trying!
Anyone else want to suggest to me an "out of the sleeve" nail art idea?

So I started with a medium-thick coat of Zoya America. I love this polish and I think it's a must in anybody's stash. It has a great formula, it is almost opaque in one coat, it dries real quick and it is just a pleasure to apply. Because I knew I would have to use some stickers, I applied one thick coat of Seche Vite. just in case.  I then covered my cuticle area with a reinforcement sticker and covered the nail with two quick coats of Sally Hansen - White On. Before the white was dry I removed the stickers, to make sure I get a clean, crisp line. Well, I messed it a little in some places but at least I tried...

When it was dry, I placed new reinforcement stickers to cover the red. Then doing one nail at the time, I applied a generous coat of China Glaze - Stone Cold and quickly dubbed my saran wrap on it to get this effect. I removed the sticker immediately and then moved on to the next nail.  Cleaning was hell. Next time I am going to try and put some Vaseline on my skin around the nails.

Oh, I forgot to mention: I decided to give this trend a try: with a small nail art brush I applied some Zoya - America to the inner side of my nails. I am not decided whether I like it or not. With this mani it looked nice. But anyway this is not one of my favorite manis. What do you think? Are you pro or against?

What I really liked about this mani is the silvery shimmer that's coming from China Glaze - Stone Cold.


Criminal Nails said...

Are you kidding? It looks fantastic! I love it! And I always thought painting the inner side of the nail looked super clean and good! But I always fear it will be a pain in the ass to remove! Update me on this! ;)

PS: how did you overhear a conversation with Chalkboard Nails lad? She israeli? :p

Scottish Lass said...

That's so cute! And you did the Loubie heels underneath!!!

Ashley Haddock said...

SO CUTE!!!! LOVE them!

Gosia said...

Really???? You're not pro!???? I love this!!!!! Awesome combo of colors and looks so creative, I just really really like it!!!!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Great mani! It looks so interesting. :-)
I like red polish on the underside of the nails. It reminds me of Louboutin shoes. Unfortunately, I can never do it to my nubs, so I just enjoy seeing it on others. :-)

~ Yun

Samantha Ann said...

This is absolutely wonderful! The red & granite colors are perfect for each other.

Andrea said...

Hmmm. Not something I would ever wear, but I think this is super creative. I love black, red, and white together. I also like the tips underneath too. I think it looks nice and finished, I just wouldn't want to clean it! Ugh.

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