Rainbow in black sky

Hello beautiful people! I hope your side of the world is quiet and calm. Here there's a lot of mess. I am sure you hear about it in the news... So I am in desperate need for something soothing and hopeful.
I can't really explain why but... I opened my blacks drawer trying to find what I was looking for.  I guess our mind has it's way... Anyway, I admit today's mani did calm me a bit. Hope you will like it too.
I started with yet another polish from Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween 2012 collection - Nail in the Coffin.
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin

Nail In The Coffin is black base with silver and orange or copper micro glitter. The glitter in this polish is a lot more shy then it is in the other polish from this series - Rest In Pieces, But it is still there. Formula is smooth and pigmented and two coats were enough for me.
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin
Then I stamped over it using China Glaze TTYL, a orange coppery holo from their OMG collection and plate NC02 by Nailz Craze. I really love this plate. I keep getting back to it. There's something very magical about it. In my opinion anyway. And luckily, the pattern that I wanted to use has two versions: lines and fill. So I used the lines for all nails and fill on the accent nail. This mani really does have a way to cheer me up.

May this shitty situation in my country be over already. And I hope you're having a much much better weekend! Take care, stay safe and have fun.


Raggio di Luna said...

I wish all the mess and all difficult moments finish as soon as possible...
Nail in the Coffin is gorgeous :-) I adore the final result of your manicure, beautiful! :-)

Criminal Nails said...

Hold on Jin, the world seems to be a mess everywhere...
That mani is beautiful though ^^ Your creativity is not down, and that's great! :D

Amanda said...

Hopefully it clears up in your piece of the world soon <3 until then, you've got some lovely manicures!

GlitterInfatuation Jazz said...

I was watching all about it on the news today, I really hope things get better for you Jin! Great mani has so meaning like a rainbow over a dark time maybe, I hope your okay!

Jazz x

Anonymous said...

The stamping is absolutely gorgeous!

For the mess in your part of the world I hope for the very best for you and your loved ones. And of course for the entire region. Please stay safe and don't give up on a smile once in a while. It helps :-)

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