Gentle Ginger vs. DS Luxurious

A couple of days ago after I showed you Girly Bits' Gentle Ginger, I was asked how it was compared to OPI DS Luxurious and China Glaze Riveting. Unfortunately I don't have Riveting (yet!) and when I will get it I will make a proper comparison post. But I do have OPI DS Luxurious so I made some very quick wheel comparison photos to show you how different they are.

Even in the bottle shot you can see a difference but since they are both so rich and pigmented, it is less visible in these photos. But they are nothing alike. Gentle Ginger is a real ginger. It has an orange-copper base and lot's of golden orange shimmer. Luxurious is actually a red-orange. It has a red base and orange shimmer.
 On a dark background the colors are a lot more alike, although if you are - like me - an orange lover, you will see that OPI is basically red. It's an orange wanna be. While Gentle Ginger is 100% ginger.
I hope this answers your questions for now, and once I get China Glaze Riveting, I will make a proper comparison and I will try to get some sun photos as well!


Karen said...

whoa! I had no idea these were so close lol. I really want Gentle Ginger (colour & good cause) :)

Criminal Nails said...

Not dupes at all ;) DS Luxurious is so gorgeous! The fact that it leans to red makes it right up my alley :)

beachgal said...

Thanks so much. I thought these might be close. Like you, I am an orange lover (I adore all hues of orange except maybe not that nuts for a true Halloween/crayola orange in polish when worn on it's own. After I left my comment, I had a little time and popped over to look at your stash and want list and saw Riviting on your want list. I am sure I picked up at least 2 bottles of it (maybe even 3)...I so need to get going on that database of my dupes so I can get rid of 99% of's rare I go through more than 1 bottle of any color but for maybe my top 10 shades of all time. I do think Riviting is sold on a # of reputable seller sites on Amazon and evil bay for way under cost - it might have picked up in price around Halloween/fall as seems those Hunger Games shades were so much more wearable in fall then when they were released - in fact I think Riviting was the only shade I wore from the HG collection last spring. I do have Riv. and the DS here...and side by side they are different in that Riv. is a fully loaded glassfleck while the DS is more of a fully loaded gold shimmer. Riv is also more orange than the DS is...Many think that Riv. and DS Luxurious are super close and maybe so for non orange nuts...but DS Luxurious is a touch darker and has larger gold particles. Both are welcome and hold worthy spots in my stash.

JinJit said...

Please email me if you can

Gosia said...

oh i'm so glad they're not the same!!! I just ordered "gentle ginger" (i'm blaming you again!!!) and can't wait to get it!

Andrea said...

Luxurious is definitely red hued. As much as I am not a fan of orange, I do like Gentle Ginger! You are definitely slowly coaxing me into *gulp* kinda liking orange! ;)

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