Sunday Haul

So here we are again. Sunday. My week has just began and I already need it to end...
This week's haul is not as big as the previous. Well, you see, i'm international. So this means I can never know when my mail turns up. So it's not like I ordered/swapped/gifted everything this week. But this is all I received this week! So here goes:
First, a mystery bag from Jenna at I'm Still Thinking... I really love nice surprises and the mystery bags are definitely count as nice! Do check with her, she might still have some more! All these for $20! Thank you Jenna 
As usual, left to right: Sinful Colors Rain Storm, China Glaze No Plain Jane, China Glaze Prism, Milani Twinkle and Shimmer Natalie.

Kleancolor Neon Fuschia, ME Whack, Julep Lily, Julep Portia, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Multi Faceted, Pure Ice Vinyl Remix and in front - Otaku Polish Basic Thermodynamics.
Next is a very special polish that I'll show you later this week - Girly Bits Crunchy Leaves, that I ordered the second it was restocked!
And last for this week is my full set. Not all of them arrived this week, but the last ones to complete the set did. As far as I know, these are all. I could be wrong though... Anyone has any insight on this? Sally Hansen's Magical Nail Makeup collection, a long discontinued amazingly holo polishes. If i'm not mistaken, they were the first holo polishes!
Copper Cauldron, Mystical Mandarin, Magenta Magic, Ruby Slippers, Fairy Dust Pink, Purple Potion and Blue Aura.
So that it for this week. Short but yummeh!! LOL I hope you enjoyed and see you again in my next Sunday Haul!


GlitterInfatuation Jazz said...

Oh my gosh, those sally hansens look so so so amazing I've never heard of them before! Can't wait for swatches, amazing haul :)

Jazz x

Chameleon Stampede said...

So jealous of your holos! Can't wait to see swatches!

The Polish Rainbow said...

Oh my! the golden bottles are so beautiful! they look so lovely!

Criminal Nails said...

Wow that last Sally Hansen collection is completely unknown to me! That is not weird per se, but I really love Sally Hansen so I absolutely need to see those! Plus they're holo, so you must be dying to try them on! :D

beachgal said...

Nice haul - I ran into Sinful Rain Storm this week (last bottle left at a Rite Aide I was in)...and I have looked and looked for a good 3-4 months for this shade since it first started to show up on blogs. I was no dissapointed at all once I saw it and swatched it - it's not as thin as many of the Sinful formulas are. While the color is similar to others I have, I still am happy to finally have it - just when I thought it never would be anything I was going to run into...and I won't buy Sinfuls off evil bay or from any etailers as I hate to pay postage and/or inflated prices for a polish that is often 99 cents in the US to $1.99. I still have not seen the Finger Paints Winter Affair collection - not the Sally's one nor the other version that I probably won't run into as no where I live but for Sally's ever carries Finger Paints. I also have not run into any Color Club holiday polish displays yet. We only recently started to have some of that brand show up at Rite Aides.

Essie Rae iheartprettypolish said...

WOW! Great haul. You lucky duck.

Indian Lacquerade said...

What a haul! I am very envious!

Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

DROOLING OVER THOSE MAGICALS!!! Sorry for screaming, I'm just really excited to see them all lined up so pretty!

Helen [beauty delights] said...

oh my goodness i have never seen those sally hansen magical polishes - but discontinued!! that is really too bad - the bottles look so prettyyyy

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