Sea Lore Alana

I promised I would show you Alana over a light polish, right? So here it is in all it's glory, Sea Lore Alana!
Sea Lore Alana

Alana is another beauty from the Tritons Daughters' collection by Sea Lore. I showed you Andrina from this collection but for some reason, whenever I think of Alana, there is only one coming to my mind, and that is Alana of the Vampire Diaries. I don't know why but in my head this polish only associates with Alana Gilbert. (And don't you dare correct my spelling!)
Anywho, I LOVE Sea Lore's Alana. It's a pink jelly base stuffed with lot's of rose square and hexes glitter in different sizes and lot's of rose shimmer. Like I said before - it sounds way too romantic but it is really so gorgeous and unique and definitely not your girly-girl pink polish! I also mentioned already that Alana is very easy to apply (what you see is one coat only!) with no issues what so ever. No fishing, no special application, no curling - nothing. Just pure ease and beauty. I layered it over a simple light pink creme of some local unnamed brand I found in a drawer. I tried my best to not do anything that will subtract the attention from Alana.
Sea Lore Alana

Sea Lore Alana

Sea Lore Alana

Sea Lore Alana

Sea Lore Alana

Sea Lore Alana
I forgot to take a closer picture of Alana but do feel free to click on any of the photos to see them larger then they appear on the post!

You can get Alana and all her other sisters in Sea Lore's store where they are sold for $5 for the 7.5ml bottle or $10 for the full 15ml bottle, and they ship internationally! Make sure you also follow her on Facebook and Twitter, to get all the recent updates and sales!


Tintin said...

I love your color combo pretty glitter

Jen said...


Criminal Nails said...

That's a handful of glitter for one coat! How amazing ^^ It's quite girly IMO but still a stunner!

Raggio di Luna said...

It looks beautiful over a lighter nail polish! :-)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

I absolutely love this! It's so pretty and sparkly and girly, all things that I love! :)

~ Yun

Andrea said...

This reminds me a little of 365 Days of Color's Love My Tatas! Alana has such a pretty shimmer to it. I love it a lot!

Gosia said...

Now that's a glitter I can take!! Even though its so sweet and Girly, I like it!!

Chameleon Stampede said...

Very very pretty :)

Agia said...

It's very pretty :)

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