Where In The World - Sweden

I am continuing my world tour today with a new entry for the Where In The World challenge and this time I'm in Sweden.

Personally I have never been to Sweden and I know practically nothing about it's country or culture. So I opened Google and typed Sweden and came up with a photo of the Royal palace in Stockholm.

So I decided to give it a try. I started with 2 coats of BarryM Blueberry Jelly, a beautiful light blue jelly polish.
BarryM Blueberry

Then I used Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away and Blue It to create a gradient, and as usual I managed to do it on the wrong side... So all the pictures are shown upside down... I was bummed about it enough when I realized I did it on the wrong side that I was totally unmotivated to do the cleaning. So this one has hell of a cleaning too. I hope you can forgive me though... Please?

Then I started with the stamping. First was the crown, taken from Bundle Monster's plate BM08. I stamped it using China laze Passion, my new go-to gold stamping polish. I wish it was just a tiny bit yellower but... One has to compromise I suppose... So the crown went on the darker side of this mani. Then I taped the top part of the nail and I used plate BM319 and A-England Holy Grail I to create the lights reflecting on the water.
After a layer of Seche Vite and a few minutes to let it dry, I taped the entire part that is stamped already and I used plate Fun2 by Fab Your Nails and China Glaze Passion to stamp the buildings at the top part of my nail. Lastly I added a dark blue line using Sally Hansen Blue It and a striping brush. Well, naturally the lame cleaning makes the whole thing looks messy and sloppy. I might try it again soon *sigh* But for now - here's my Sweden.

And the polishes I used, left to right: BarryM Blueberry, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, Sally Hansen Blue It, China Glaze Passion, A-England Holy Grail I.


natalsie said...

This is the one of the most creative manis ever!!! and so true to your inspiration picture))0 Amazing!

Chameleon Stampede said...

Love it, Jin! Looks like a watercolor!

Helena / Lacky Corner said...

Amazing! I love what you have done to show my country :) I don't live in Stockholm but it is a beautiful city with lots of water surrounding it, you should visit!

Smashley Dawn said...

I was just on that bridge taking in that same view last night!! Great interpretation, love it.

Criminal Nails said...

That's one good recreation!

Karen said...

I love the inspiration! And your interpation to mani is spot on! Not lame at all!!!!! That blue shade is stunning... I need some barry M Gellies!! (Do I tell you that alot? LOL)

beachgal said...

Love this one - really creative in a modern art way. I AM Swedish - both my parents were born there. I have been a couple times but not been able to tour the areas in the country I really want to see in the more rural areas. It's a lovely country. You captured Sweden well in this one - the color of blue is very much a Swedish blue - and the crown stamp is what I recall being on all the stamps in Sweden and on a lot of the govt signs. I think we had some kitchen towels and a few other things with the Swedish crown on them when I was growing up.

Gosia said...

wow, that's one creative mani!! and I'll show you lame, you better watch out!!! =))
I think it came out awesome!!!

NiteAngel said...

Love it, I´m Swedish so it´s fin to see a design that are inspired from Sweden

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

This is great! I've been to Sweden just once, and I think you did a great job capturing the spirit of the country with the design and colors you chose. :-)

~ Yun

Andrea said...

Wow. What a beautiful interpretation of that photo!! I think this is my favorite of your "Where in the World" so far!

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