Naughty or Nice

I really like prestigious polishes and I have quite a few Diors, Illamasquas and others. And still, somehow, with Chanel I never had that little "ich" in my fingers. So I don't own a single Chanel. But I do have some dupes. I showed you a long time ago my Peridot dupe. Today I would like to show you a Chanel Paradox dupe. Or actually, two dupes and a comparison between them.
So these here are Revlon Naughty vs.  L'Oreal Mauve Rendez Vous. 
Revlon Naughty vs.  L'Oreal Mauve Rendez Vous

First, make sure you check the comparison between Revlon Naughty and Chanel Paradox at the Pointless Cafe. and now to some comparison pictures. On the nail wheel first. On the left you see L'Oreal Mauve Rendez Vous and on the right it is Revlon Naughty. L'Oreal MRV is a lot more shimmery they Revlaon and the purple is more noticeable and less smoky.
On the nail while indoors and under artificial light, they are a lot close to each other. On the index and ring you can see L'Oreal MRV and middle finger and pinky are with Revlon Naughty. 

Under the sun however, the shimmer comes out of L'Oreal MRV in little bursts of purple and it looks a lot more alive, which Revlon becomes a little smokier.
Here are some close-ups of the two. You can click the pictures to open them at twice the size they appear in here!

And now to the technical stuff: while Revlon Naughty's formula is very thin, on the verge of runny, their brush is so much easier to work with! Personally I prefer thick soft brushes and Revlon's is very thin, but it is soft enough to spread the polish all over the nail and deal with the thin formula without messing your entire cuticles up. L'Oreal's formula on the other side, is smooth like cream. But the brush is way too thick even for my "football stadium" nails. It is hard to manage without messing some skin around.
Revlon Naughty is more pigmented and it takes one thick coat to reach full opacity. L'Oreal needs two coats for that. But this is also an issue of application. With L'Oreal's brush you don't want to use thick coats. You'll end up with purple fingers all around. With this thick brush you better make sure you wipe any access polish off it before it is near your nails. Top picture is L'Oreal, bottom picture is Revlon.

Drying time is also better for Revlon, although L'Oreal is not far behind. As for the price I think they are both pretty much the same. I don't know the prices for those out of my country, but since here they are very close in price, I believe it is the same everywhere else. There is just one last difference between them, that might be very important to some: Revlon Naughty is Formaldehyde and toluene-free and is also cruelty free, while L'Oreal is none of these. So while I really like the color of L'Oreal, I think in a head to head match, Revlon wins big. And even though they are not completely dupes, I don't think anyone needs them both.

Here's a quick summery of the differences.

Naughty (#330)
Mauve Rendez Vous (#501)
A dusty grey-ish purple
Dusty purple
Very thin
Nice and creamy
Very thin but nicely soft and well spreaded.
Very thick and too soft.
One – Thick
Two – Medium thin
Glossy crème
Glossy crème with shy shimmer
Drying Time
Very quick
reasonably quick
Very easy, no leftover on the skin.
Very easy, no leftover on the skin.
Extra Info
Very close dupe for Chanel Paradox Link

Formaldehyde and toluene-free Cruelty free.
Non cruelty free


pamela greenlee said...

funny thing Revlon named this one 3 times still love it ! nice post

AppleliciousMe said...

L'Oreal MRV does look better imo~! Love them both thou colors looks gorgeous :)

Jenn, Paperbacks and Polish said...

Great comparison! I think I like the Revlon one more for all the reasons you listed!

Criminal Nails said...

Great comp! I've never been attracted to Paradoxal, but I love that l'Oreal a lot! I guess the more visible shimmer has won me over! :)

Chameleon Stampede said...

Great purples & great summary!

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