Top Coat Stamping

I've been wanting to try something like this mani for a very long time but it never worked for me before with any other top coats or clear polish before. The top coats usually dry too fast or just don't have the right consistency, and clear polish is just too thin. I Then remembered that I totally forgot to  post my review of MoYou Top Coat from OMG Nails, so I decided to try this with it. and guess what? It worked like charm!!! (my cats apologies for leaving their hair in my mani)

So I started this mani with Zoya Posh, a beautiful red matte velvet polish from Zoya's Matte Velvet collection, Fall 2009. This is one huge MUST in any collection. It doesn't matter if you're not a red lover or a matte lover, this polish is just the thing when you need that extra sophistication to your look. It looks like expensive velvet fabric on your nails, in a deep Victorian red.
Zoya posh
It only required one coat for full opacity, and while I have my issues in painting around my cuticles in uniform lines, this polish - unlike most matte polishes, did not challenge me with anything else. Barely no brush strokes, smooth and level formula and super fast drying time. Definitely a keeper!
Zoya Posh

Zoya Posh

Zoya Posh

Zoya Posh

Zoya Posh
Then I took out the MoYou Top Coat and  my DRK-A plate and decided to do a little test. I used MoYou Top Coat simply as a stamping polish, and it worked PERFECTLY! The entire design was picked up from the plate and transferred to the nail with no issues at all! I did try to different stampers, one with a white stamping area (the XL Large stamper) and one with a pink stamping area (Konad double sided stamper) and while the result were great with both, I found that the pink stamping head let me see the top coat design on it before transferring it to my nail, which was somewhat easier for self-insecure me.
MoYou top coat

MoYou Top Coat over Zoya Posh

MoYou Top Coat over Zoya Posh

MoYou Top Coat over Zoya Posh

MoYou Top Coat over Zoya Posh

MoYou Top Coat over Zoya Posh
I will post some more experiments I did with the MoYou top coat with time, and I think I really need to get me some more of it! I also want to try some more... round pattern. The square one i think looses a little bit of the classy way this mani turns out.

Zoya Posh is long discontinued and you can only find it in blog sales or ebay. 
MoYou top coat, as well as other stamping products can be found in OMG Nails website. you can browse their plate designs and other stamping polishes and you can make an order by simply emailing  your desired products to  Make sure you follow their Facebook Page to be informed of all recent updates. 


Rainbowify Me said...

Wow, that looks really great! Nice effect :)

Kristine PinkandPolishedNails said...

So LOVE this!!! I've been wanting to try matte shiny stamp but I didn't think it would work. This is really beautiful! :) And now I'm gunna try it thanks for the inspiration ^.^

Neens said...

Looks simply awesome! gr8 job!

Natalie said...

That's fantastic. I love this!

Criminal Nails said...

Looks very cool, hun! That red is stunning, and more so being a one coater!

Aleta Colucci said...

I love matte polish!

Gosia said...

Damn woman!! You just showed my lemming!!! Plus I really wanted to do something like that too, so now I see I gotta get that topcoat... You make me spend so much money!!! :)))

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Posh looks so gorgeous on you, just the way I thought this polish would be. The once I wore Posh, it didn't wow me on my nails. Your pics are so pretty though, maybe I'll go back and give it another try. :-)

~ Yun

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

I really love how this turned out!

Chameleon Stampede said...

Very cool color & I love the subtle stamping!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the outcome of this! AND I love the matte Zoya!!! I need myself some Zoya :-/

Raggio di Luna said...

Beautiful idea! It looks fantastic! :-) I think I'll have to try it! :-)

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