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I was contacted by OMG Nails recently and asked to review some of their products. Here are the products: Special white polish, top coat, two plates (#16 and #22) a stamper and a scrapper.
OMG Nails! MoYou stamping polish and plates

OMG Nails! MoYou stamping plates
Plate number 16 on the left; Plate number 22 on the right.
OMG Nails! MoYou stamping plates
Of course every plate has the blue plastic cover that needs to be removed before using.
Ok, so first thing I wanted to do was to compare the special white polish with that of Konad. Naturally.  I am sure you all say "no way" right now, aren't you? Well guess again!
OMG Nails! MoYou stamping Vs. Konad

OMG Nails! MoYou stamping Vs. Konad

OMG Nails! MoYou stamping Vs. Konad

OMG Nails! MoYou stamping Vs. Konad
If you look really really close, you can see that there is a difference between the two, and perhaps the MoYou polish opacity is slight slight lower then Konad's. But the difference is really so small that I wouldn't even bother with it. The images turn out crisp and clear in the heavy details as well as the small gentle details of the pattern. The use of the polish was very easy and the formula is just as great as Konad's.
 OMG Nails! MoYou scrapper
I really like this scrapper. It is made of plastic and it has no metal parts that can scratch the plate. It works perfect and very easy to use. Make sure you hold it in a 45 degrees angle from the plate and you will get a beautifully clean design. I do think that this little plastic scrapper will not hold as long as the metal one. But the plates are a lot more pricey then the scrapper so personally - I prefer to preserve them better, even if it means I need to replace my scrapper every so and so time.

Ok, let's go to the real thing - stamping on the nail.
OMG Nails! MoYou stamping plate #22
As you can see it is not quite long enough for my nail but I was too lazy to do a second line. But the stamping itself is very clear and the white polish looks great. I stamped over A-England Perceval, a deep metallic red. Clean up was a breeze. A little touch of a Qtip with polish remover and all remaining polish was completely gone. No dragging or left overs like I get with the Konad's.

The size of the full-nail stamping is about 12mm X 15mm. Slight larger then the first BM set. If they were even larger I would'nt complain, but as you can see - they do cover my nail nicely. And I do have a "football-field" size nails LOL
OMG Nails! MoYou stamping plate #22
I tried stamping over glitter polish too. This is two coats of The Nail Junkie - Black Cat. And even on the glitter the polish looks great and the stamping shows clear. You can also see no drag marks of the top coat. I used MoYou top coat, which is in my opinion a MUST HAVE, but I will write a separate post about it.
OMG Nails! MoYou stamping plate #16
On this nail you see two different stamping designs, both from plate number 16, over two coats of Bourjois Chlorophylle Vert. I really like this Eiffel tower design. I haven't seen it anywhere else!

I think this is a good time to mention the designs on the plates. I have to admit, I did see a few plates that have designs already seen on other plates. But I also saw a lot of new and unique designs. You can see them here. Also, MoYou plan to release some more new plates around mid November, with real awesome designs! You can see some here. I definitely will be ordering some of those!

Final thoughts - I really like the MoYou stamping plates and special polish. I enjoyed playing with them and you will see more of it in my future manis. The MoYou special polish comes in 12 different colors, of which I am sure to order a few more soon.

The only down side of OMG Nails is that they don't have a web store at the moment. But you can browse their website and then make an order by simply emailing  your desired products to 
Make sure you follow their Facebook Page to be informed of all the recent updates. 
You can check OMG Nails prices catalogue for either a whole kit for stamping or just the single plates or polish. And the best part? They ship internationally!

*These products were provided to me for my honest review. all opinions are my own.


The Daily Lacquerista said...

I LOVE this Jin!! I like the rubber scraper!! I hate how my metal plates get totally scratched up!! Thanks so much!! <3

Unknown said...

Ooo! Lovely set, I so need to buy a stamping set i'm just not sure which one I want now, happy to see a review on moyou though! Thank you!

Jazz x

MissSailorSally said...

I love them!

Natalie said...

This stamping polish looks great!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

The stamps are cute! :-)

~ Yun

Gosia said...

man, now you have all kinds of stamping ideas for our where in the world challenge!!! I wonder how their black stamping polish is, I really hate Konad since it's so difficult to clean up!!

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

I have stamping related things on my Christmas wish list. I can't believe how great that stamping polish is compared to the Konad.

Andrea said...

Wow!! I LOVE, the designs of these plates!! I love anything travel themed related. Thanks for sharing these. I will have to check them out! I also like the idea of a rubber scraper. I don't use a metal one because I think it usually takes too much polish off. I think I might have to try it out too! I have never used a "stamping polish", but I think I might be tempted to try this one. It sure gives nice images.

M. Fourey said...

Man, Konad white paint looks like shit now. I bet they will ask you for a review, so that you set their reputation right again.

Now seriously, that was a great review! ^^ And a huge milestone, Jin the Reviewer, yay! I'd totally buy some of those polishes for stamping, because the design comes out really nice. Is it just because of your abilities?

I'm on a joke-mood, in case you haven't noticed :p

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