Nail Mail

Many asked me to post some nail mail and hauls. And since I have plenty of those, I figured I could do such post every once in a while. It is also a good filler-post if I didn't have a chance to change my mani ;-)
So let's see some of the awesomeness I received recently. It's a mix of hauls, swaps and gifts I have received. So yumm!!!

First, my order from Sea Lore came in the cutest package. All the bottles were wrapped in bubble of course, but all together they were in this beautiful white silk paper with lots of colorful glitter all over and some sweet stickers of The Little mermaid. There were also some yummy sweets in the package (gone in 60 seconds! LOL) and a beautiful pair of earrings. Such perfection to open the day with...
The package
The Earring
The polish: from left to right - Aquata, Andrina, Alana and Attina.

Next is my Ninja Polish order of two Dandy Nails polishes. I can't believe it took me so long to actually order these two babes. They are so beautiful!!!
Dandy Nails - Bathed In Light and Eager Eyes.
Here is my Rescue Beauty order. This one is purely Gosia's fault. I can't wait to try them and tell you what I think about them! Top row left to right are Bella, Yellow Fever and Santa Fe. Bottom row left to right are Bikini Bottom, Anne, Catherine and Bruised.
Rescue Beauty polishes.
My collection of Halloween yummies - Oranges! Left to right are Sinful Colors - Clementine , Essie - Braziliant, Wet n Wild - Magic Trident, Girly Bits - Sailors Delight, China Glaze - Orange You hot and Cult Nails - Two Timer. And lot's of candy corn and pumpkin candy! Yumm!
Halloween pretties
Next are some of my lemmings which were crashed by several lovely ladies. Thank you so much Yun, Michelle, Jo,  Gosia and Matti. I don't even know how to thank you enough!
Left to right: Finger Paints - Color Inside the Lines, China Glaze - Flying Dragon, Orly - Space Cadet.
 Left to right: Nails Inc - Chester Terrace, Butter London - Fishwife, Zoya - Yara, Nails Inc - Carlton Gardens.
Sinful Colors - Daddys Girl, Sinful Colors - Innocent, Wet n Wild - Sea Witch, Wet n Wild - Magic Trident, Wet n Wild - Diving for Pearls, Wet n Wild - Stream of Wander, Sinful Colors - Clementine. 
Essence - Glorious Life, Kiko - 399, Kiko - 401, Kiko - 400, Kiko - 402, Essence - Blue Addicted. Yes - the Kiko's are the holographic ones. Also, this last package had another very special item that I plan to show you soon ;-)
So these were the highlights of my last couple of weeks. I hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow!


jannatul12 said...

love all the colors

Gosia said...

yay!!! I'm so glad I made you spend money!!! LOLOL now I have to get my Bella by RBL too!!! And I"m sure YOU will make me spend even more $$ by doing swatches =)))
That is one HUGE haul chickie!!!

Karen said...

Wow! Thats some awesome haulage Jin!! Out of all I only own Yara and it is AMAZING! I ceen't wait to see swatches of the Kikos

Helen [beauty delights] said...

oh wow this is quite the nail mail post!
and the Sea Lore order packaging is indeed cute!! i am definitely going to check out their polishes now :)

Unknown said...

Amazing Haul! I'm so jelly, I want it all!

Jazz x

Jacee said...

RBL! :o Can't wait to see swatches of Anne and Catherine!

M. Fourey said...

Wow you really weren' kidding! AMAZING! :D Swatch them alllll! You are going to have a lot of fun!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Ooooh nice colors! Can't wait to see swatches, especially of the RBL's! :D

~ Yun

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