Where in the world?

Hello beautiful people!

Well, I know I still owe you 3 more entries on The Alphabet Challenge but there's a new idea going live soon already! Gosia from Life In Color!, the originator of The Alphabet Challenge and myself, decided to put together a new challenge: Where In The World?
Here are the official rules:
  1. The challenge will start on September 10.
  2. You may join us at any time along, but you must keep the original order of countries and without skipping. This is why it is called "A challenge", to differ it from a random one country mani idea.
  3. There is NO time frame for each post, as long as it is in order. If you don't have time this week - you may work on your mani next week. No problem. As long as the order is kept.
  4. What should your mani look like? You decide. The country is your inspiration. How you represent it - it's up to you. It can be as simple as the polish name (e.g. OPI "Russian Navy" to Represent Russia), the country's flag mani, using a country's colors or even make a complicated artwork to represent a country. Your choice!
  5. The list of countries will be set once the challenge takes off. If you would like to add to the list - please let either Me or Gosia know, before September 8.
  6. Every country will have an inLinkz code so that everyone who participate can have a thumbnail link to their blog post, in every participant's post. If you play along - please email Me or Gosia so we can give you the code to put in your blog post.

    Please note: if you add your link to the display but you don't put the code in your blog post to show all other participants, your link will be deleted without warning.
So this is the country list order so far:
(Remember, you can add to it until September 8)

1. Australia
2. Canada
3. Spain
4. Israel
5. Poland
6. USA
7. Denmark
8. Sweden
9. United Kingdom
10. Russia
11. Hungary
12. South Africa
13. Netherlands
14. France
15. Germany
16. Finland
17. Singapore
18. Ukraine
19. Korea
20. Colombia
21. Japan
22. China
23. Madagascar
24. Brazil
25. Romania

So, will you come and play?


Gosia said...

I wanna play, I wanna play!!! haha =)) I can't wait!!!!!!!! I'm so so excited!!

Beauty Ninja said...

I'm joining! Just emailed Gosia! :)

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