K is for knackered

Wow! This week just flew by so quickly! Did you also feel that?
Today in the Alphabet Challenge I'm in the letter K with Butter London - Knackered.
Butter London - Knackered
This is a pretty polish but it has a lot of "but"s to it. First and most important - it is extremely sheer. What you see in all pics here are five, yes - 5 - coats, and if you look close, you will still see some VNL. Second, it looks nothing like it's adverts. In the adds, it looks like a duo-chrome from purple to blue to teal and green. In real like it's a silver with lot's of holographic microglitter. If the lighting is right, you might see some green and a little bit of purple, but this is nothing like I expected.
Butter London - Knackered
The formula is good. Butter London know their way in making polishes. Knackered is applied as easy as hot butter. Drying time is pretty short and the finish is lovely. All pics above are with no top coat!
Butter London - Knackered
Butter London - Knackered
I admit those holo glitters are very pretty! But personally, I don't think they worth the price - $14 at ButterLondon.com and they do not ship internationally. In their favor I should add that their polishes are all toxins free and cruelty free.
I truly hope I get the chance to try some other Butter London polishes, because this one, although pretty, was a disappointment. And as such, I find it very hard to love.


Essie Rae iheartprettypolish said...

I'm glad you posted this. I've been going back and forth about it for quite some time.... these are pretty swatches though.

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

I love Butters, they're my favorites <3 Five coats, though.... I probs won't be getting this one. Pretty color, though.

Criminal Nails said...

Hey! Nay, I must confess this polish is nice but not captivating to me... I wanted to try out Butter London and the price just didn't feel right. You had damn patience with this one, 5 coats are way too much :p I can see (with pleasure) that you keep holding on to this challenge ^^!

Andrea said...

This was on my BL lemming list for a long time. I only have a few because of the $14 price tag and haven't paid full price for any of them. I will say that it is my least favorite. I agree that it's just to hard to make it pretty on its own, but I have layered it over other polishes with good results. It's a much better top coat than it is polish. I just wish they would have advertised it as such! It looks pretty on you, though! :)

Gosia said...

Blah disappointing to you but not to me!!! Oh the holo glittery goodness!!! 5 coats really sucks though!! I wouldn't have the patience!!

Beauty Ninja said...

I love butter, but that's disappointing about the 5 coats. Maybe if you layered it over a dark grey or black it'd give it more depth?

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

I usually love BL, so I feel bad for saying I kind of don't like Knackered. It looks so cool in the bottle, but from all the swatches I have seen, it doesn't live up to my expectations. And 5 coats... yikes!

~ Yun

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