M is for Man Made Dreams

We are starting another week of the Alphabet Challenge, and I have a very special treat for you with today's letter - M: this is Man Made Dreams by the amazing and talented Amy of Nail Venturous Lacquer.
Man-Made Dream by Nail Venturous Lacquer
Man-Made Dream is a gorgeous green base with tons of gold flakes and a little bit of gold glitter in it. I am not much of a green lover, but this polish is so beautiful in person, that I simply had to get my hands on it! It was created as a Limited Edition but I truly hope that when Amy decides to restock again, it will be available. At least a little bit...
Man-Made Dream by nail Venturous lacquer. Indoors, artificial lighting
Aside for being so impossibly pretty, Man-Made Dream is absolutely a dream to apply. It is rich and in the perfect consistency. It only needs two coats for full opacity. Don't let the first coat full you: it does level itself perfectly at the second coat!
Man-Made Dream by Nail Venturous Lacquer. Outdoors, natural light and direct sun
As you can see, all the flakies and glitter lay flat on the nail. No lifting, no curling no issue what so ever. This smooth look has another great advantage over other glitter polish: only one coat of gelous is needed to make it smooth and shiny. The golden flakies actually make this polish look like a sort of foil-finished but trust me: no foil can look this pretty. Just look for yourself:
Man-Made Dream by Nail Venturous Lacquer. Outdoors, natural light and direct sun
Man-Made Dream by Nail Venturous Lacquer - close up look
Man-Made Dream by Nail Venturous Lacquer. Outdoors, natural light
Just look at all these goodies this polish carries. Simply perfection! I took a close-up photo of the bottle so you can see all the magic inside. Isn't it amazing?
Man-Made Dream by Nail Venturous Lacquer
At the moment the only way to get a few of Nail Venturous Lacquer is through Ninja Polish, at $9.00 per bottle. But I strongly suggest you keep up with all her updates, either on her Facebook page or her Blog.


M. Fourey said...

Looks gorgeous, indeed! I'm not fan of green, but this one is on my confort zone, as it does not scream "green apple!". Have you seen the Youtube video where an annoying orange yells at an apple "hey apple! apple!". Some greens just have that effect on my brain, ain't that freak. Anyhow, this one don't! :)

Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

This is so gorgeous!! I'm so sad that Amy decided to stop making polishes, she is so talented!!

Andrea said...

Yowza!!!! THAT is gorgeous!! It reminds me of Deborah Lippman's Mermaid's Dream! It looks beautiful on you! I'm really dreaming of some "real" NVL polishes. I hope Amy comes back and offers to sell polish again some day. She truly is amazing! :)

Liesl said...

This looks like a different colored version of RBL Cuprum (which is my favorite polish, ever, hands down). Very cool.

Gosia said...

Now THIS is a green I can wear and not look like a teenage bopper or Kermit the Frog!!! It's awesome Jin!!!

Unknown said...

This really unique. Looks great!

Ashley said...

LOVE it! Great pics Jin!!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Wow that's pretty! I love the chunky golden flakes inside! :-)

~ Yun

Unknown said...

Wow- this looks like a dupe for Deborah Lippman's Mermaid Dreams- but I like it better!

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

This is gorgeous! I hope she decides to create nail polish again. She is so very talented!

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