O is for OUI

First - I need to apologize to a dear lawyer friend - My O polish is not Au Champagne. Sorry... This was planned a couple of days ahead   ;-)
And now on to my next entry for the Alphabet Challenge. This is OUI by Orly.
Orly Oui
Oui by Orly. Indoors under artificial lighting.
Funny, I just now noticed that the brand's name is also in O. Nice of me to read what I write...
Oui is from Orly's 2011 Holiday Soiree collection. Ingenue that I showed you a few days ago is also from the same collection. Oh, and Au Champagne, from my apology above is from the same collection as well!
Orly Oui
Oui by Orly. Indoors under artificial lighting.
So this is Oui, a purple polish with tons of gold shimmer. Just like Ingenue, Oui has a somewhat metallic - foil-y finish and I really like it for this. Application is very easy and the polish is so self leveling that you don't get to see those annoying brush strokes foil polishes usually have.
By the way, a real important advantage of this polish is removal: despite it's tons of shimmer, Oui is easy to remove like any other creme!
Orly Oui
Oui by Orly. Outdoors in direct sun.
Orly Oui
Oui by Orly. Outdoors in the shade.
Orly Oui
Oui by Orly. A close-up look.
Orly Oui
Oui by Orly. Outdoors in the direct sun.
Orly Oui
Oui by Orly. Outdoors in the direct sun.
I admit, this time I was too lazy to add some nail art. But I really think this is such a pretty polish that it doesn't need much to stand out. Could you disagree?


M. Fourey said...

Jin! I couldn't help myself when I started reading your post, I laughed! :D
Oui is such a pretty color that I really don't mind to see it instead of Au Champagne! :p

And also, it's so full and gorgeous by itself that there's barely need of anything else! I might need to get this one soon... But right now I swear I'm just hooked on findings and stuff for some polish rings!

Unknown said...

Very pretty color!

Unknown said...

These is really, really pretty!

BeautyScraps said...

Love it! Such a pretty color and I love the finish!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Pretty and shimmery! Looks like it's of a similar inspiration as Zoya Faye and Zoya Daul. :-)

~ Yun

Gosia said...

No nail art needed!!! This looks great by itself! (and yes, I always say that to myself too when I get lazy to do nail art hahaha)
Do you have Zoya Daul? From swatches they look similar!

Karen said...

Ok this is gorgeous! andd someone has to come over here to Canada and kick my butt! I HAVE Oui, and I racked my brain forEVER trying to think of something for the letter O. (I ended up using Essie Over the Top) But still...!
OMG I also had to laugh reading the first part of your post... I fell like their are alot of "O" in your post... we just need to look for them ;) lol

Andrea said...

OUI!! It is gorgeous!! I love the color on you and I am wondering why, oh why I haven't ever bothered wearing this!?! Not too smart on my part. I have Au Champagne as well, and I would have to say that I am partial to the shimmery goodness of Oiu!

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