P is for POLISH, Part 1

Oh don't you worry my beautiful readers. I will not show you my entire stash today. If you are too curious, you can always check my stash page. But for the letter P in the Alphabet Challenge, I will have two posts. You see, I had these two amazing polishes on, each one on a different occasion, and I found them both so amazing that I had to show both of them to you. And it happened to be a week before the letter P, so you just get two posts for the price of one! What a deal, huh?
Parallel Universe By Dandy Nails. Taken indoors under artificial lighting.

So this is Parallel Universe by the talented Sandy of Dandy Nails. A pretty multichrome that changes between aqua, green, teal, blue and purple. It applied as easy as a creme and is opaque in two easy coats! No issues or messing around. It levels itself nicely and drying time is pretty short.
Parallel Universe By Dandy Nails. Taken indoors under artificial lighting .
Parallel Universe By Dandy Nails. Outdoors in direct sun.
 Just look at all these colors in this beauty polish. And you can barely see any brush strokes. There's NO top coat in any of the pics! Pure perfection.
Parallel Universe By Dandy Nails.  Close up view
 Not many Duo/multichrome polishes show such a large range of colors in one look. In the close up above, I see the purple/violet, teal, green, blue... PARTY!!!
Parallel Universe By Dandy Nails. Outdoors look in the sun.
Dandy Nails can be found in her Etsy shop. But you better make sure you follow her facebook page for re-stocking times. You can also follow her blog and her You-Tube channel.


Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

oooh wow, look at all those colors! I love how strong the multichrome is on the nails. That's a really lovely polish on you!

~ Yun

Unknown said...

Love it!!! ♥

Gosia said...

oooh mama, that is some AWESOME polish!!! Are is your wallet trying to get mine back??? I'm not looking, I'm not looking anymore!!!!!

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

This is sooo gorg!

Unknown said...

Love this and great photos. You were able to capture the colors perfectly!

Karen said...

Oh wow! I love blue/green duochromes and this is no exception. I had to laugh when you said you had 2 amazing polishes that started with P. I know the feeeling, I wore both (one polish as the accent) for the letter I. Bravo for the double posting! LOL

Andrea said...

I don't have any Dandy Nails, and this really makes me want to run out and get one the next time her etsy shop opens! Very beautiful color. It may not be my favorite color, but I am a sucker for a gorgeous blue polish! Looks amazing on you!

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