The search of the holo

Hello beautifuls!
While you read these lines, I am already in Moscow, Russia. I'll be gone for a little less then 2 weeks. Most likely I will not have internet there so you can get all wild without me.

I had a great plan of scheduling all the Alphabet Challenge posts for the next two weeks, but I didn't have time to actually finish them :-( So there might be one or two, depends on how late I can stay tonight... And I guess the rest will just have to wait...

But I did want to show you something very special just before I leave. I knew (aka I decided!) I needed a red polish for the flight. And I have quite a few gorgeous reds! But I needed a holo. Of course, I never think about things on time, and the night before my flight, I have nowhere to get red holo from. So with the help of some awesome gals - Silver, Ashley and Jody (yes, yes, the gorgeous SoFlaJo), and with the help of some magic little powder I got me a while ago, I did my first frankening ever!
My first frankens - Red Holo
From left to right these are the mixtures I used. amounts refer to bottle size. "Scoops" refer to a straw being cut diagonally on the end and used as a scooper:

1. half amount of orange creme (local cheap brand), quarter amount of dark red creme (local cheap brand), quarter amount clear polish, 2 scoops of spectaflair - fine.

2. half amount red creme (local cheap brand), half amount clear polish, 2 scoops of spectaflair - fine 

3. half amount Zoya - America, half amount clear polish, 1 scoop spectaflair - fine, 1 scoop spectaflair - medium.

4.  Half amount clear polish, almost half amount Color Club Queen of Speed, a few drops of an orange creme (local brand), 2+ scoops of spectaflair - fine, 20 drops of polish thinner.
the + means I used 2 scoops and then I dropped the polish thinner into the little zip bag where the spectaflair was in (after I used it all of course!) and got all the powder left on the plastic.

5. half amount clear polish, half amount of a mix between Zoya America, Julep January, Color Club Queen of Speed and a few drops of Color Club Psychedelic Scene, 2 scoops spectaflair - fine, 1 scoop spectaflair - medium and the leftover of the spectaflair - medium mixed into 25 polish thinner drops, the way explained for polish #4.
Taken indoors under artificial lighting.
Thumb: #5, Index:#2, Middle: #3, Ring:#4, Pinky:#1.
I'm sorry for the messy application. Well, I guess all you wanna see now is the pictures so just some quick info and stuff I have learned:
1. The more you add clear polish - the better. It makes the spectaflair mix better into the polish.
2. The thinner did good to my mixture. I should remember to use it always.
3. While I enjoy this game of mixing, I am never going to have the patience it really needs to make perfection for sale. All of a sudden I have so much more respect for those indie makers who actually do this..... You really are amazing!!!

ok, ok, here are the pics for you LOL
Taken indoors under artificial lighting.
Thumb: #5, Index:#2, Middle: #3, Ring:#4, Pinky:#1.
Taken outdoors in the sun.
Thumb: #5, Index:#2, Middle: #3, Ring:#4, Pinky:#1.
Taken outdoors in the sun.
Thumb: #5, Index:#2, Middle: #3, Ring:#4, Pinky:#1.
I hope you enjoyed. I sure did! But of course, when I get back, I will get some Jade or some Layla's... LOL For now I took #3 and #5 with me.
So see you again in a couple of weeks! Be good!


Karen said...

Great frankens! I personally have never frankened a thing in my life! Oh #3 & #5 are the same I would have too. Have fun in Moscow!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Have fun on your trip, Jin! Hope you have a chance to do some polish shopping while you're there! ;)

The red holos look amazing! :D

~ Yun

M. Fourey said...

Wow you did some experimenting there! Your results are astonishing, for real! You have an ombre holo mani here :p
Well my fave is #3 hands down! More passionate, right?
BTW did you wear them all at once or you picked one for the flight? ;)

Gosia said...

Oh my gosh I totally forgot you were gng to be gone!!! Wuaah!!! I really hope you have a good time in Russia!! Take lots of pictures!! (or I hope you have, after all you'll be reading this after you come back!)
I love all your new creations, but especially number 1!!! Orange... Ahhh... You have to name them!!'
Will miss you chicka, have fun, and can't wait for you to come back with all the great stories!!

Kari said...

These came out absolutely GORGEOUS! So glad you had a wonderful trip...super-jealous. *squish* <3

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