J is for Jo-mina

Happy day everybody!!! I hope you're having a great time.
Today in the Alphabet Challenge I am in the letter J and I would like to show you a gorgeous polish by one of my most favorite brands: this is Jo-Mina by Illamasqua.
Illamasqua Jo-Mina, natural light in the shade
Illamasqua describes Jo-mina as Electric Lilac. I don't know, I think I would use the word electric on something a lot more Neon-y. Jo-Mina is a creamy lilac with some warm undertone, that has a pastel feel to it, although it's so bright. Application, as I learned to expect of illamasqua's polishes, is perfect. Smooth and easy. It is not striky nor runny. It has the perfect thickness. jo-Mina is very pigmented and it is completely opaque in two easy coats. Drying time is short and the finish is a shiny cream. These pictures show no top coat.
Illamasqua Jo-Mina, natural light in the shade
Illamasqua Jo-Mina, Artificial light indoors
I decided to make this somewhat a romantic mani, so I stamped some roses on it, using Zoya Jem - another J polish,  and the large DRK-A plate. But as it happens too many times, I got a little "I love you mom" cat reminder with a hair in my index finger.
Illamasqua Jo-Mina stamped with Zoya Jem
Illamasqua Jo-Mina stamped with Zoya Jem
So this is how my romantic mani died... And the sad part is, I didn't even see it until I saw the pictures...
Bottle porn LtR: Zoya Jem, Illamasqua Jo-Mina
No more romance until the next time ;-)


M. Fourey said...

Haha, Jin! You always manage to make me smile! That cat..! ^^ How cute, but how annoying in the end! Anyhow, your mani looked gorgeous! Jo-mina does not look electric, but it is beautiful nevertheless! And the roses looked good also! You could try to freehand them? That would be fab ;) Just an idea!
Oh, and congrats, you're on letter J already!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Pretty! I especially love the final result with the rose stamping! I end up with fuzzies and other stupid looking things all the time in my pictures. But I never say anything in the hopes that others don't see it lol. :D

Gosia said...

woman, you're crazy, I had to enlarge your pictures and really look for that cat hair of yours... If only I could hide mine so well!!! My cat's hair (and 2 huge St. Bernards) is EVERYWHERE!!
Beautiful stamping and colors!!!!

Unknown said...

I love Illamasqua polishes- I wish I owned more of them. Beautiful color!

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

I love the color and the stamping! I have heard such good things about Illamasqua polishes and their application. I love your little story about the cat. If you wouldn't have pointed it out I never would have noticed the hair. At least your kitty loves you! :)

Liesl said...

Cat hair is a natural part of life, lol. The romance is still alive and well. ;) That Illa is gorgeous.

Andrea said...

How funny! I just posted about a Maybelline polish called Iced Queen! I would say your Illamasqua is definitely the "electric" version of it! :) I don't have any Illamsqua polishes and every time I see you you post one I think "I must change that"! I love, love the stamping with it. I think I should get that plate too! Ugh. Too bad we aren't neighbors. We could have an amazing time together! ;)

Andrea said...

P.S. Nothing says "love" like cat hair. My son's cat likes to leave deposits in my nose, when she "loves" under my chin. AH-CHOO!!

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