U is for U Rok!

Yes, I am finally back from my vacation! Russia was amazing, but it's so good to be home...
I have lots of things to show you but first I must complete my Alphabet Challenge obligations. So all my vacation experiences will come later next week. Sorry ;-)

For the letter U, I have a real nice color for you. This is U Rok by MUA, from their Love Hearts collection.
U ROK by MUA. Indoors under artificial lighting.
Ok, a confession first - I really really love those "mid-way" colors. All those colors that are between others. Like this one - not exactly blue but not yet purple. They always look the best in my opinion.
U ROK by MUA. Outdoors in direct sun.
U Rok, despite it's small bottle (6.8ml) and relatively short brush, applies perfectly and evenly from first coat.  I would even consider it a one coater, but for that you'll have to be very very careful. I'm not that good so I used two coats. It's formula is a bit thick, but this can easily be fixed with a few drops of thinner.
It dries within a decent time frame and has a very glossy shine. All the pics of this polish alone are with no top coat.
U ROK by MUA, indoors with artificial lighting.
I have another "in-between" polish by the local brand Chic, called Catwalk, that is the older brother of U-Rok. It has the same shade but several levels darker. Here's a photo of them both. U-Rok on my middle and pinky, Catwalk on my index and ring fingers.
U ROK by MUA and Catwalk by Chic
U ROK by MUA and Catwalk by Chic. Indoors with artificial lighting.
So I used Catwalk to stamp over U-Rok and complete my mani. I used the large DRK-A plate. I'm still not really getting my stamping at 100% and you can see all the areas a missed. I also managed to smear my pinky a little. Please don't look at it... :-(   In these pics you also see a top coat.
U ROK by MUA stamped with Catwalk by Chic
U ROK by MUA stamped with Catwalk by Chic
U ROK by MUA stamped with Catwalk by Chic
U ROK by MUA stamped with Catwalk by Chic
So what do you think of my U polish? Do you have any MUA polishes?
You can find MUA polishes here. And they even ship internationally!


Criminal Nails said...

I love how it turned out, so delicate! :) You're seing the end of the Alphabet Challenge, huh? Yay! And you said you didn't know if you would stick to it..!

I thought those two stamped together would look to alike, but the pattern is clearly visible :)

Gosia said...

If I can't babble about bad stamping then neither can u!! your stamping looks awesome, I don't know what the hell you're talking about!! I prefer "U Rock", but that darker one is perfect for nail art!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

I can't wait to see your haul from Russia! I'm not too big a fan of this color, mainly because I think this would clash with my coloring. However, I can certainly appreciate it on others and it looks lovely on you! :-)

~ Yun

Essie Rae iheartprettypolish said...

Wow, this is so cool! Great job!

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

I like your wording, midway colors. U Rok looks so pretty on you! Welcome home, and I look forward to reading about your vacay!

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