Simple Swatch Blue - Ninja Polish Sapphire Dreams

How are you today? How's your weekend going? 
Today I would like to begin with a few words about the main cause of this Light It Up Blue week I'm doing. This morning I saw this post in a blog called No Holos. My first read made me sad and a bit angry. But after she clarified several things, I have to say I do understand what she says and agree with it! Autism needs to be accepted. As it is. Not as something different. Not as a stigma put on people's heads and separates them from the others. And we cannot achieve this by supporting an organization that is only run by non-autistic people.  So today I would like to post a different link. Autistic Self-Advocacy Network.
And like I said to No Holo - Acceptance cannot come without awareness. So let's raise some of that around, to be able to get to the acceptance stage!

And now to my blue polish of the day.
I'm having a totally lazy Saturday and I love it! But it is so lazy that I didn't even feel like nail-arting. And that, my friends, mean LAZY. So I picked one of the more special blues in my stash to show you as a simple swatch. Please say hello to the delicious Sapphire Dreams by Ninja Polish!
Sapphire Dreams Ninja Polish

Yes, I know, a lot of VNL (Visible Nail Line). But this is only two thin coats! I think if I used one more coat or if I used thicker ones it would look a lot more invisible. But like I said - Lazy... Sorry... But just look at this polish! Look how it sparkle! This is by far one of the nicest shades in my blue drawer! And you know something? Personally I like this jelly feeling. With VNL and all. It feels very light and airy.

Sapphire Dreams is described by Ninja Polish as metallic shimmer. I don't know, for me metallics always go along with annoying brush strokes and somewhat matte finish. Neither one of this can be found in Sapphire Dreams. No brush strokes what so ever (and I really did use thin coats!), beautiful glossy finish (no top-coat) and just all that shimmer... mmmmm......
Sapphire Dreams Ninja Polish

Sapphire Dreams Ninja Polish

Sapphire Dreams Ninja Polish

Sapphire Dreams Ninja Polish
Sapphire Dreams is part of the Ninja Polish 2012 Holiday Collection. It is not defined as Limited Addition but at the moment it is out of stock. Hopefully it will come back to stock soon, because it really is gorgeous!
You can find Ninja Polish in the Ninja Polish shop on-line, and they ship Internationally! Make sure you like the Ninja Polish Facebook page to get all the latest information and restock dates.


Ashley Haddock said...


Karen said...

Whoa, this is micro shimmer to the 100th power. I love it, it looks very glassy. I agree a little VNL is ok with jellies.

Criminal Nails said...

Never mind the VNL, that color is amazing!

Raggio di Luna said...

I like it, it looks so nice and shiny! :-)

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