The Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge - Day 4: Orange, Pink and Turquoise

My last few days have been pretty stressed. I went to bed very late, got up for work, felt like a zombie throughout the day and had to deal with a lot of new work I still need to learn  and a lot of old work still needs to be taken care of and some more work of someone else's who's taken a week off. So no wonder I just barely made it to Thursday and I am cranky and grumpy and I pretty much hate the whole world. So for the last day of this month's Tri-Polish Challenge I went with some stripes. They always calm me down somehow... 
Nfu Oh Morning Of Greece China Glaze
I started this mani with two coats of Julie G White Orchid, the perfect white creme. Then I used my three polishes - Nfu Oh MOR 02, China Glaze Dance Baby and Nfu Oh MOR 10 and three stripe brushes to create the stripes. I just wanted to paint each stripe on its place without having to "leave the space" for the colors and without having to clean my brush after each stripe. Yeah, I am lazy like that...
When I was done and the polish had dried enough, I used some tape in which I punched the star, I placed it on my ring nail and painted the horizontal stripes on it. Then I took the tape off and created the white contour for the star. Pretty simple, but now I can go to sleep in peace, and begin my weekend!
Nfu Oh Morning Of Greece China Glaze

Nfu Oh Morning Of Greece China Glaze

Nfu Oh Morning Of Greece China Glaze

Nfu Oh Morning Of Greece China Glaze
I hope you'll have a wonderful and peaceful weekend! Don't forget to check the other entries for the Tri Polish Challenge today!


Peyton Gale said...

Oh my gosh! Where did you get the Nfu-Oh color? I can't find any from the Morning of Greece collection :(

Divya Pandey said...

Awesome.....its so neat and colorful......loved it....... :) <3

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oh noes, sorry to hear you have been stressed. Hope everything gets a little better soon! <3
Cute mani... I really like this combination of colors! :-)

~ Yun

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