Henna tattoos?

So you already know that I play with some pigments and make my own Thermo Color Change polishes, right? So I have been trying to find the perfect red changer polish. I am still working on it and I am not yet sure of how it turns out, but I was bored and decided to try something with it. I was wondering if it could stamp. This is the result of my stamping.
Henna Tattoo nail art Superficially Colorful lacquer
I started with two coats of Lime Crime Milky Ways, an off-white creme. I really liked the fact that it is so off-white and not a shiny bright white. It gives a warm feeling to this mani in my opinion. On my ring nail I applied two coats of my red color changer. It is suppose to change from very dark brown to hot red. So the red part is exactly the way I want it to be, but I am not sure about the dark part. It is not dark enough to my liking and it is still at work. But when it will be ready, I think I am going to call it Inflammatory. That's the idea anyway. So when my polish was all dry, I used the "Inflammatory - to be" polish and Cheeky large plate  C to stamp on my nails. And guess what? My polish stamps pretty neat, don't you think? Of course, because the layer of polish is so thin, the dark area of the change looks even lighter then it does in general. But I really like this gradient it creates. By the way, on my ring nail I stamped using Julie G White Orchid, which is my new go to white but I wouldn't use it for stamping much. I think it's not dense enough for that.
So what do you think about my Henna nail Tattoos?
Henna Tattoo nail art Superficially Colorful lacquer

Henna Tattoo nail art Superficially Colorful lacquer

Henna Tattoo nail art Superficially Colorful lacquer

Henna Tattoo nail art Superficially Colorful lacquer

Henna Tattoo nail art Superficially Colorful lacquer
By the way, I am sorry about the yellow stain on my index nail. I didn't see it until I got to look at the pictures :-( I must have touched something... Oh well...


Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Wow Jin, this is really cool! Love the design and the gradient effect! :D

~ Yun

The Mani Café said...

i now need your polishes even more!! this is amazing!

Roxy Ch said...

Beautiful designs :)

Criminal Nails said...

Ohhh well... this is breath-taking, my friend! I even prefer the grandient it creates when stamped! The colors are just perfect, and yes, they remind me of henna drwaings! Beautiful!

Tishana said...

That's beautiful love the polish!

vwolfe said...

Oh I love this so pretty
and that polish is perfect

Cupcake Cat said...

This is amazing!!

Annie Suzie said...


Raggio di Luna said...

Incredible final effect! :-) Breath-taking! :-)

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