Shimmer Jellies again

I am trying real hard to get rid of this strange sudden winter that came back in the middle of the summery spring I was having. So I am playing some more with the gorgeous Shimmer Jellies by The Nail Junkie.
Shimmer Jelly The Nail Junkie

These jellies are so shimmery and fun and exciting to me that whenever I look at my hands my mood immediately turns good, no matter what it was a minute ago! Yeah, I admit I could have been more careful in my nail art this time. The black lines should have been thinner (is that even possible?) and I should have not painted outside the lines but to my defense I can say that you don't really see those f*ck-ups in real life. The picture being a macro, enlarges everything. Does that count?
Anyway, at the moment these beauties are sold out! But do make sure you follow The Nail Junkie's facebook page and Blog because there will be a restock real soon! ;-)
Shimmer Jelly The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly The Nail Junkie
And now will my summer sun be back?


Chameleon Stampede said...

Such a fun mani! Love it!

ManisbyMoore said...

So pretty!!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Great mani, Jin! The orange is so bright and fun, and I love your accent nails! :-)

~ Yun

Laurie said...

This is such a groovy mani!!! I love it!

Steamy Nails said...

The orange is so bright! Love these! <3

Dionne Klein said...

So bright and colorful! Love it!!

Criminal Nails said...

Those jellies are really gorgeous! And I love the blank space you've left in the middle of the accent nails ^^

Aleta Colucci said...

Amazing artwork! Thank you for sharing this!

Divya Pandey said...

wow!!! the orange is so shimmery and the accent nails have a great color combi......... beautiful........... :)

LuvMyLacquer said...

The squishiness and glitters are amazing! Love these colors <3

Raggio di Luna said...

I like the accent nails very much, I'd like to try something similar, maybe using 3-4 shades of blue :-)

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