Sunday Haul

It's been a while since I posted some nail mail and haul pics. So here is some of my newest pretties for you.
The Nail Junkie St. Patrick's Day Collection
First is the new St. Patrick's Day collection by The Nail Junkie: Shamrock, Leprechaun, my personal custom polish with the new and awesome feature: Custom Labeled Nail Polish (Check it out!), and Pot O' Gold.
Dandy Nails
Some sweeeeet Dandy Nails awesomeness: Flamingo Kisses, Bound To Fall and Wish It Away.
Ahhhhh...... These beauties came to me as a total surprise, along with a very special T-Shirt, directly from my bestie Gosia of Life In Color! I won't show you my shirt cause I don't want to add any more pressure on Gosia (and yes - it fits!), but I am showing you these babies: Picture Polish Kryptonite, SpaRitual Hidden Reef (and my very first SpaRitual polish) and Enchanted Polish Lost My Mind In A Sunrise.
Indigo Bananas
Those little candies are some Wet n'Wild pretties that my friend Danielle of Polish. Glitter. Rock & Roll got me. They are pretty duo-chrome glitter toppers in the cutest bottle. If I am not mistaken, this is a new bottle for an existing WnW collection. But since I don't have that one anyway, I got these lolly Pops.
Right after them yoiu can see my first order from Indigo Bananas. Of course I will show you how pretty they are in a mani later this month but I can already tell you that these are not going to be the last I order from this brand! Here you see: Klein Trink Wasser, Shadow and Telephasic Workshop.  
Nerd Lacquer
Finally! Here they are, for realz. My new Nerd Lacquer polishes from the very first restock after the long hiatus Amanda took. What a gorgeous site.... Regeneration, The Ring, Exterminate, All Of Time And Space and Event Horizon! YAY!
Girly Bits
I know that Valentine's Day is long passed already but I had to show you these pretties: Girly Bits P.S. I Love You collection: Hot Shot, A Mother's Love and Twitterpated. HoloHoloHoloHoloHolo 
And last for today are these bottles from a local brand called Ga-De. For years I was sure it was called Ja-De, but apparently... I was wrong. Anyway, these lovelies are all slight duochrome filled with glass flakies so I couldn't resist myself and I grabbed them all: Dark Plum, Gold Dust, Golden Savannah, Tangerine Garnet and Gypsy Fever. Swatches will follow later this month. 

So this was my most recent haul/nail mail. I hope you enjoyed! And do come back tomorrow. I am starting a little personal challenge: Give Green A Chance:  a whole week of green manis, that I plan to end with a water marble shamrock on St. Patrick's Day! (Assuming I will manage to actually do one... LOL)


Missy M (Gnarly Gnails) said...


M. Fourey said...

Great haul! :D Woooow! ^^ I wouldn't know which one to pick first!

Raggio di Luna said...

Great haul! :-)
The Nail Junkie Leprechaun, Dandy Nails Bound To Fall, Kryptonite, all Wet n'Wild duochromes, Nerd Lacquer Exterminate and Event Horizon, all Ga-De collection... OK, I stop here... :-) Beautiful! :-)

Gosia said...

Duuuude...... You're such a crackhead!!! Or a leprechaun? You're in a leprechaun collection!!! How AWESOME is that!!!! So glad you liked the polishes I sent you... I'm drooling here looking at the rest of your haul!! SWATCHES of everything please!!!!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oh my, what a lovely haul! Those Nerd Lacquers, and the Girly Bits!! *wipes off drool*

~ Yun

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