Orange Animal Guardian - Shimmer Jelly Orange by The Nail Junkie

Hello beautiful people! As I promised when I showed you the new amazing additions to the Shimmer Jellies by The Nail Junkie, today I have to show you the new Shimmer Jelly Orange. Well, perhaps new is not the right word since the Orange has always been a part of the Shimmer Jelly collection (see my swatches and review). But this new orange is reformulated to match better with the rest of the Shimmer Jellies. So the color is much brighter and the shimmer is much more prominent and since you know already that Orange is my most favorite color, this polish is easily becoming my most favorite of all! 
Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie

I actually have nothing bad to say on this polish. It is perfection in all aspects. The color, the shimmer, the formula, application, drying time, color build - everything is just perfect. I am totally, completely in love with this polish! All pictures show 3 quick coats of Shimmer Jelly Orange with one coat of HKGirl fast dry top coat. All pictures were taken under artificial lighting but I very much hope to get the chance to take some pictures of this beauty in the sun soon! 
Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie
And since I am back with my orange manicure for Orange Animal Guardian Ribbon, I added some stamping of my favorite animal. I used Kleancolor Metallic Red and Vivid Lacquer stamping plates number 01 and 03 for the steps and the cat's designs. The flower on my thumb is from the large plate I from Cheeky
Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie


Chameleon Stampede said...

Great color! ...and adorable kitty paws!

beachgal said...

This orange is just really juicy good! Love everything about it! It look great with the red Metallic Klenecolor - I just love the couple metallic Klenecolors I have but no one sells them that I know of - I bought a few on eBay med. cheap and turn to them a lot. Wish I could find a supplier for Klenecolor.

Gnarly Gnails said...

oh my gooooodness that is some kind of orange! loooove!!!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Wowzers! That is one bright gorgeous orange! And how cute are those little paw prints! :D

~ Yun

Cupcake Cat said...

This is so cute :) Been looking through your blog and your nail art is amazing :)

Raggio di Luna said...

I bet you know what am I going to write about the orange... but it really looks great on you! :-) And I adore the cat! :-)

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