Textured tape

I didn't think this would happen really but I am totally in love with the textured trend recently. In fact, I am so in love with them that I decided to give them a try on my nails all in one day! So today I have a very textured mani to show you.
China Glaze Kiko Jordana Texture Tape
I took out all my non-shimmer texture polishes and I tried to choose all the brightest colors. Then I used one coat of Layla Black As Ebony, a blackened silver polish from the mirror effect collection. I forgot to show you how this polish looks by itself, but it's a very smooth and dark metallic mirror. Pretty much the farthest look I could find in my stash from the bright textures. I then used some striping tape and started painting with textures. Here's the list of the colors I used, in case you were curios: China Glaze Of Coarse!, China Glaze Unrefined and China Glaze Toe-Tally Textured; Jordana Raging Purple, Jordana Rowdy Red and Jordana Yellow Madness; Kiko 631, Kiko 633, Kiko 635, Kiko 636 and Kiko 637.
It was not easy to keep the lines straight because the texture polish needs more careful when painting with it so it took me longer then the usual to complete each nail and remove the tape. And then - the texture created all the bumps and corners in the lines. But over all I really like this mani. I hope you do too! 
China Glaze Kiko Jordana Texture Tape

China Glaze Kiko Jordana Texture Tape

China Glaze Kiko Jordana Texture Tape

China Glaze Kiko Jordana Texture Tape

China Glaze Kiko Jordana Texture Tape

China Glaze Kiko Jordana Texture Tape
The last nail is my favorite. It is also the first I did. Well, I already told you I have this weird order of painting my nails... But what do you think? Did you communicate with the textures? Would you try anything special with them? Which is your favorite?


Cupcake Cat said...

WOW :O this is amazing!!!!!!!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

This is such a fun mani, Jin! :-)

~ Yun

ManisbyMoore said...

I absolutely love this!! I did not think I would like this trend but I love this trend!!

Laurie said...


Criminal Nails said...

Textured mosaic! :D It looks like tile, love!

Gnarly Gnails said...

awesome job Jin! I am loving this hard!

Chameleon Stampede said...

Looks great! Awesome job!

Raggio di Luna said...

What a cheerful manicure, great! :-)
When I saw textured polishes it was love at first sight! :-) I have 3 of them, they are Kiko textured polishes (Kiko Sugar Mat collection) and I adore them... :-)

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