Textured Blue

When I first saw a picture of a textured polish, I was sure this was not for me. I made a face at the weird, gritty, ugly looking polish. But when I first got to try it on... I totally fell in love! And so I have acquired me quite a nice collection of textured polishes of different finishes, colors and looks and with time I will show you more. But today - another Light It Up Blue post.
Julie G Blueberry Fizz Kiko 644

So I started this mani with Julie G. - Blueberry Fizz polish from the Gumdrops collection. Blueberry Fizz is a beautiful textured light blue filled with silver glitter that add a lot to this polish. The formula itself is very easy to work with and it dries very quick. What you see are two coats with no top. Also - surprisingly, removing this polish was not as hard as normal glitter! It was rather easy and quick. No need for any special means (foil and such). Just look at the pictures. Isn't it pretty?
Julie G Blueberry Fizz

Julie G Blueberry Fizz

Julie G Blueberry Fizz
I then sponged the tips of my nails with another gorgeous textured blue - Kiko number 644 from the Shimmer Sugar Mat collection. It is slight darker then Blueberry Fizz and it is also filled with silver shimmer so it creates a very subtle gradient.
Julie G Blueberry Fizz Kiko 644

Julie G Blueberry Fizz Kiko 644
Lastly, I decided to see how the textured polish will behave with stamping and it actually behaved pretty well! I stamped using L'Oreal The Mystic's Fortune and Nailways Spring Time - Flowers plate and as you can see - it turned out ok. Again - no top coat in any of the photos!
Julie G Blueberry Fizz Kiko 644

Julie G Blueberry Fizz Kiko 644

Julie G Blueberry Fizz Kiko 644
I am loving these so much and I honestly recommend you to give the Gumdrops polishes a try, even if you are not a fan of the textured polishes. Check out Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Facebook page to find the information on where you can find these pretties!

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Paint Those Piggies! said...

Really cool look. I've only recently seen stamping over texture and I think it looks really cool.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

The textured polish looks so fun and pretty on you! I like the stamping you added on top! :D

~ Yun

ManisbyMoore said...

I also did not think I would like textured polishes. I tried them and fell in love!! Very pretty!

Criminal Nails said...

That Julie textured polish is simply amazing! It looks gorgeous on its own ^^ But I like it that you've featured one Kiko :D

Raggio di Luna said...

Blueberry Fizz is beautiful! Also the stamping over textured polish looks perfect, I'll have to try it! :-)

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