I really like tribal designs but I never had the courage to give em a try. I've seen this design by Mattania of so many times that by now I know it by heart. I really love everything about it, But I just never dared to try. Until now, after my first true free-hand mani.
As you can see, my biggest weakness is straight lines. I just haven't yet figured how to make them straight. For me they always have to be off-lined. LOL
Also, I am not very good at the fine details just yet. I couldn't possibly make two lines that will be parallel and have a real small space between them. I am so going to re-do this one again at some point! But for now here are a couple more pictures. mostly to keep it documented so I can re-create it properly ;-)

 The polishes I used, left to right: Essie - Lilacism, China Glaze - White out, Chic - Fadhion Yachts, Onot - Pink, China Glaze - Liquid Leather. The last one is my favorite top coat and fast dry by Chic.
And of course, the most important ingredient in my mani - some cat hair...
 Well, at least I didn't have any problem taking it off nd changing it after less then 24 hours LOL


Criminal Nails said...

Wow! Jin it looks beautiful! Even the cat hair adds a touch of... I'm kidding! Made me laugh!

I've never had the courage to try tribal, so you have all my respect! But tell me you used a brush this time! ;)

No, seiously, it's gorgeous. The colors go very well together and the overall look is exactly that: tribal!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Your tribal design came out great, Jin! I love the colors you chose and the design is awesome too! :-)

~ Yun

Anonymous said...

This is adorable!

Lizzy O. said...

Very cute!!! I love it.

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