Christmas In July - again

You might remember my previous entry for the Christmas in July nail art contest at Jen's Nail Files. But today I have another entry for a different contest by the same name! This time the contest is by the wonderful Andrea at Finger Painting Fingers, and you might want to check it out RIGHT NOW as the deadline to enter is July 31st!!!
 So this is my entry to Andrea's contest. I am still having issues with the brush and I get some of the lines crooked, but I hope I am still improving.
Here are some close-ups of my nails:
Thumb - Christmas decorations
Index - A christmas tree under a hot July sun
Middle finger - Santa is having a drink while sitting on the float
Ring finger - Melting snowman
Pinky - a sock. To collect my winning in the contest ;-)
In the make of this nail art I used this brush and I used so many polishes! I mixed them together to help with the shades I wanted. These are the polishes I used, from left to right: Zoya - America, Zoya - Holly, Chic - Black Fog, Illamasqua - Caress, Illamasqua - Strike, Milani - White on the Spot, China Glaze - Bond Tastic (Magnetic), Julep - Pippa, Zoya - Helen, China Glaze - Sunshine Pop, Chic - Crazy In Love and L'Oreal - Magic Croisette.
So did you send your entry already?


The Silverinator said...

These are beautiful and such great attention to detail and I love your artist setup and palette. And I think the judges need to pay extra heed to this entry. Just sayin' ...

Gosia said...

Holy crap, I bet that took forever and a day to paint!!! But it looks FANTASTIC, Jin!!! I LOVE the floating Santa!! Hahaha!!!
And you tell me you're bad at nail art???!!!! Liar liar pants on fire!!!!! I am sooo rethinking our upcoming challenge... =))) j/k =))

Kim said...

So amazing JIN!!! Love it!!!!!!

Andrea said...

I love it. I really, really love it! I think my favorite is the floating Santa. Even Santa deserves a vacation! :) Thanks SO much for entering my contest!!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

That's awesome, Jin! I love all the different designs you did on each nail. I think my fav is the melting snowman! :D

~ Yun

Reddd77 said...

This is so awesome! You pictures are so cute! Esp the santa! You are awesome at nail art - quit being so modest!!! :)

Andrea said...

YAY!!!! I am SO excited you entered this mani in my contest! It is amazing. I can't believe the detail you did. I love the melting snowman. He looks like he is hollering, "NOOOOooooooo!" :)

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