G is for Granite

Today (and in fact tomorrow also) for the Alphabet Challenge I have a special treat for you. This polish was one of my biggest lemmings for so long! I could not believe it when it actually got to my hands and I owe it all to it's amazing creator!
So before anything else - THANK YOU AMY SO SO SO MUCH! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!
Nail Venturous Lacquers - Granite
So this is Granite by Nail Venturous Lacquers. A true class and elegance packed in a bottle. Micro black and copper glitter along with medium copper/gold and white hex's all mixed in a white-grey base to create real high quality granite stone look. It is so special and so so beautiful.
Nail Venturous Lacquers - Granite, artificial light indoors
This polish is so packed with the glitter that it was no problem at all to apply. You get all it's goods out with every brush stroke. Unlike most glitter-packed polishes, Granite has the perfect consistency and is so easy to apply. All pictures show 2 medium-thick coats of Granite topped with two coats of Gelous.
Nail Venturous Lacquers - Granite
As far as I see it, this polish has only one down side: Amy of the Nail-Venturous Lacquers announced that she will not be selling her polish. This is very sad news because her polishes are too good to just be gone. I hope so much that Amy will decide at some point to get back to creating and selling her amazing creations. In the meantime, you can follow Amy through her blog and her facebook page, and make sure you get all her most recent updates!
Nail Venturous Lacquers - Granite, Close Up
Nail Venturous Lacquers - Granite, A bottle close up
Nail Venturous Lacquers - Granite, Natural light and direct sun
I hope you like this perfection as much as I do! And do stay tuned for yet another specialty for my H entry later this week.


M. Fourey said...

Only one word: awesome!

Unknown said...

I have to get my hand on this!

Unknown said...

Oh cool! I have never seen this one before!

Gosia said...

Wait a sec, is this the Amy that created Floam? And she won't be selling anymore!!???? Nooooo!!!! There goes my dream of having Floam in my stash... Wuaaaah!!!!

Granite looks so cool!! I really wish we lived in the Harry Potter world and saw the pictures in 3d so we could all appreciate the glitter!! Maybe one day? :)

Liesl said...

This is so cool! It really does lool like a granite countertop! We wants thissss.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Definitely awesomepants! I especially love the copper glitters in it! :D

~ Yun

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

This is so amazing! It is so unfortunate that Amy will not be selling/creating any more polishes. She is so talented and the quality is amazing. I do understand her choice though.

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you liked the polish!

ahhhdri said...

it looks so interesting, love it!

Andrea said...

Wow! You are SO luck to have an actual Amy creation! Her polishes are just gorgeous and I drool every time I see one. I am so sad that she has decided not to make polishes to sell any more. Granite looks gorgeous on you! I really like it. I wonder how it would look as an accent nail with a pretty metallic?

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