C is for Cherry Pie

Today in the Alphabet Challenge I will have to break my polish-company with the same letter habit. So I will stay with the polish and show you another not-too-summer-y color. This one is actually very Fall-perfect. But I love it and its name starts with a C. This is Model's Own - Cherry Pie.
Cherry Pie is very rich and pigmented, opaque in two easy coats and has a sweet chromatic change under different lights. In its qualities it is very similar to Avalon that I showed you a couple of days ago. The difference (aside from the color of course!) is the fact that model's Own formula is a bit more runny which means you should be careful not to flood your cuticles. But other then that, it is real lovely. The picture above is in direct sun light. the pictures below are both indoors with artificial light. First one is flash and second is no flash.

As you can see, the flash brings out the deep cherry color of this polish, while warm lighting and sunlight shows a lot more of the bronze shades. Either way this is a real pretty color and I think it blends nicely with my skin tones. I hope so anyway... LOL

I had to add some bottle picture of Cherry Pie, just so you can see how the cherry and the bronze colors are showing in it.

Isn't this color making you crave for some pie and a hot drink and cuddle with some warm blanket before the TV?


Gosia said...

no way!!!!!! I just scheduled a post for tomorrow for CHERRY PIE!!! only it's China Glaze =)) well what can I say... great minds think alike LOL =)))
This color is so sexy and vampy, Jin!!! I love it!!

Essie Rae iheartprettypolish said...

Yes, this is such a beautiful fall color! You have such nice long nails:)

Andrea said...

Ohhhhh! Long time lemming! I think this is such an absolutely gorgeous color. It looks beautiful on you too. Seeing this is making me long for Autumn just a little. Definitely a fall color!

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

Two cherry pie posts... I seriously need a Shari's run. Like, now. lol. Gorgeous deep red.

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

More cherry pie. Holy smokes. I need to make a Shari's run, like, NOW. lol. Gorgeous deep red!

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

Oh, I see, I missed the approval part first. lol. Well, you can delete one of those, if you'd like, or you can post all three!! tee hee hee ;)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

That's a beautiful fall color, so lush and rich! :-)

~ Yun

Lizzy O. said...

This is indeed a RICH color. I would like a warm blanket indeed. And a GOOD book! with Chocolate. :-D

Cool polish

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