The Nail Junkie Neon Shimmer Jelly Collection: Apple Jelly

Happy day everyone!
Sorry for being a little MIA. I took a looooong vacation from nail polish, mainly so I can clear my head and come up with an idea for the nail contest Christmas in July, managed by Jen of Jen's Nail FilesAre you going to play along? I think this is such a fun contest and I would love to see your entries!
For now though, I still have a small debt to pay you. I haven't yet shown you the last two polishes from the amazing summer collection by The Nail Junkie, and I really think you are missing out! So please accept today's mani of the Apple Jelly Shimmer: 
Shimmer Jelly Apple The Nail Junkie

You might remember from older posts that until recently I had a very big issue with green. I don't know why but I never liked that color. I mean - I love it! but in the nature. not as my cloths/shoes/jewelry or polish color. However, ever since I entered the bloggers community, I discovered so many amazing shades, finishes and looks of green polish that I simply gave in to it. I am not yet wearing any green cloths but I do have quite a few green polishes in my collection that I really, truly love.

Apple jelly is definitely one of those! Just like it's siblings Grape jelly, Orange jelly and Banana jelly, it is not quite a jelly but a sorbet. This basically means that although it is quite sheer on first coat, still application is so much easier then a jelly and drying time is very quick!  The color builds nicely with every layer and has it's very own shine. Apple Jelly Shimmer has some holographic and green micro glitters that completes the gorgeousness of this beautiful summer bright shade. What you see in all the pictures are 3 coats of Apple Jelly with no top coat. Just look at this gorgeous polish!
Shimmer Jelly Apple The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Apple The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Apple The Nail Junkie
The only sad part about this pretty little thing is that it is no longer available :-(
Unfortunately is it currently out of stock, but do check The Nail Junky site for updates about a restock!


Aleta Colucci said...

Love your photos so much! They make my day!

LuvMyLacquer said...

I love this color! The sparklies in it make it stand out and I love that it's a jelly! Looks yummy on you =)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Ah ha! You like green! I knew you would eventually! :P And that is one awesome shade of green! :D

~ Yun

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