A is for Avalon

So my friend Gosia from Life In Color is having this fun challenge, to post our manis by the alphabet. I have a terrible issue with commitments, but I still decided to join in. Let's see if I can make it through the entire challenge! So the idea is to post every week 4 different polishes according to the english Alphabet. Here you can see the official rules. Feel free to join in too if you want, by letting either Gosia or any of the other participants know!

So for the first letter of the Alphabet I would like to present to you with a true beauty: Avalon by A-England. (haha, you see? I have both the polish and the company starting with A!)
It is not-very-summer-y color but it is so pretty that I can't believe I haven't tried it before. 

Avalon is part of the A-England The Mythicals collection. Taken from A-England's site: AVALON is the mythic paradise. The idyllic isle, healing place of eternal beauty and otherworldly mystery and the final resting place of King Arthur. They define this polish as incandescent regal and royal purple. And I agree: this polish is most definitely a royal paradise.
This polish is so pigmented it can easily be a one coater if you apply it with care. I admit I was not that careful so I did apply a second coat just to even things out. But application is a dream. Smooth and buttery, the brush is very comfortable to work with and the color... the color is so rich and beautiful! Just look at all those shades... The above picture was taken with a flash. The bottom picture was taken under artificial light with no flash. It looks almost as if they are two different polishes - but they are not. it is just this pretty!

You can find A-England Avalon either in A-England's website  and in stores that sell A-England like Ninja Polish, Llarowe and Mei Mei's Signature, and they all offer international shipping for reasonable prices. A-England polishes are three-free and Cruelty free.


Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Very vibrant and pretty! I love that it looks blue in some lighting and purple in others! :-)

~ Yun

Liesl said...

Gorgeous color! I'm all over A day tomorrow. ;)

Gosia said...

aaaah what an awesome duochrome!!! I LOVE a-Englands!! Nicely done, Jin, brand and the polish starting with an A! =)))

Beauty-Ninja said...

This. Is. Gorgeous!!!!

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

I love this color! By the way, I joined and I added my link but I don't know how to get the tool to work on my blog so I can list everyone...can you help?

Andrea said...

How did I miss the Alphabet challenge?? That looks like fun! Love your A-Englands. These are colors I don't have.

Lizzy O. said...

I want AVALON!!!!!

Purple goodness!! Looks great on you!

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