The Nail Junkie Neon Shimmer Jelly Collection: Banana Jelly

Good day pretty people!
Right after Canada Day Collaboration, and right before the 4th of July, I would like to show you another brilliant creation by The Nail Junkie. Take a look at this gorgeous Banana Jelly
Shimmer Jelly Banana The Nail Junkie

This is such an amazing polish! Perfect formula that makes it so easy to apply. It takes 3 coats to be opaque and it dries in seconds! I cannot think of anything bad to say about this polish! I love the color, which is a bright yellow. But while all the yellow neon polishes out there tend to lean to the green side, this is a pure yellow! Just like the other polishes of this collection, it has beautiful micro holo glitter that adds an extra shine to an already happy polish. What can I say? I am in love.
Shimmer Jelly Banana The Nail Junkie
Taken indoors with artificial lighting
Shimmer Jelly Banana The Nail Junkie
Close up! Just look at this amazing shimmer/glitter
Shimmer Jelly Banana The Nail Junkie
No greenish hue. Only perfect Yellow!
This beauty, along with the other polishes of the collection could be bought for $10 each, in The Nail Junky store. At the moment they are all sold out, but do keep a close eye. You can never know what will pop up!


ahhhdri said...

sooo vibrant and pretty, I'm in love!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

That's so crazy yellow! I love it! It makes me think of banana-flavored candy. :-)

~ Yun

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