Christmas in July

I told you about this contest before, did you enter? Tonight is your last chance! Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm tonight! Hurry!
In the meantime I would like to show you my entry. I am very proud of it even if it is not as pretty as some of the other entries. But this is my first time with a true free-hand design.
Until now all I used was things that could help me do shapes like dotting tools, straw, tape, stamps, strippers... but no real complex drawing of something that is not an abstract. Even the little ducky I did, was done mainly with the dotting tool...
I know I still have a lot more to learn to be able to make that right, and I won't even bother showing you my right hand (on which I eventually gave up and just had the sand, sky and sun in) but I still like the end result. And it's not very common that I am happy with something I did that is this far from perfect.

I used 10 different polishes in here, with lots of mixes among them. From left to right:
Chic Crazy In Love, Chic 262, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, Julep Pippa, Julep Olivia (both in the back), Bootie Babe Blue Baboo, Sinful Colors Neon Melon, Sinful Colors Irish Green, Milani - White On The Spot.

Instead of a brush though I used a toothpick. One of those plastics with the bent edge. It was NOT easy to work with it, but it was the thinnest element I could find really. I think I need to practice some more. I know it's a good tool. LOL


Criminal Nails said...


It's so fun! I can't believe you did this with a dotting tool! It has been time consuming for sure, right?!

I'm imagining you with the dotting tools and the toothpick, so funny ^^

Emm said...

This is so cute:)

Beauty Ninja said...

I see a little Santa hat!! Too cute!

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