E & F for Eagle Street in Fairy Dust

As you may remember, I joined Gosia from Life In Color! and we're doing an Alphabet Challenge. You can see the official rules here, and all the previous entries hereI really enjoy this challenge because it's making me look in my stash and check polishes that i wouldn't look at otherwise. Today we begin the second week of the challenge, for the letters E to G. And today the polish I would like to show you is a great example for those polishes I wouldn't otherwise check.
Nails Inc. Eagle Street
This is Eagle Street by Nails Inc. I got it as part of The Fabulous Trio, a 3 polish set of colors not available otherwise, and for a price lower then one polish alone. I got this set only for a light blurple polish called Chalk Farm. But today I needed a polish in E, so I decided to check Eagle Street. And I am so glad I did! I got so many compliments on this color...  I am not used to such "quiet" shade but I must say I like it a lot!
Nails Inc. formula is perfect. I really like how buttery their cremes are. They are very well pigmented and very quick to dry and Eagle Street has a very nice glossy finish. What you see in the pictures are two coats with no top.

Nails Inc. Eagle Street
After a while of wearing it as it is, I got a little bored so I decided to add my F polish in and I layered Fairy Dust by China Glaze over Eagle Street. 
China Glaze Fairy Dust layered over Nails Inc. Eagle Street  
Fairy Dust is an amazing micro holographic glitter top. It is made for layering. I don't think its interesting by itself. But layer it over any other color and step into the light and WHAM!! A whole party coming to life!

China Glaze Fairy Dust layered over Nails Inc. Eagle Street 
Application of Fairy Dust is a bit tricky. If you use too much, you get to see all the brush strokes and it becomes gloopy. If you use not enough, it pulls the polish under it and spreads unevenly on the nail. My trick for that - before every use I thin Fairy Dust a little with a polish thinner and I use large coats.
China Glaze Fairy Dust layered over Nails Inc. Eagle Street 
China Glaze Fairy Dust layered over Nails Inc. Eagle Street 
China Glaze Fairy Dust layered over Nails Inc. Eagle Street  
So what do you think about this almost nude color? And about the glittery addition? Would you wear those together?


Essie Rae iheartprettypolish said...

I love subtle pretty colors like this. It reminds me of OPI Tickle My France-y which is one of my all time favorites. So pretty!

BeautyScraps said...

Pretty! I like Fairy Dust over Eagle Street. I really brings Eagle Street to life!

Ameerah@Valiantly Varnished said...

This is such a great idea- I have Savina's Fairy Dust that looks identical to the China Glaze and I'm tempted to layer this over one of my nudes now- very pretty!

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

I love nudes, but wowee, Fairy Dust takes it to the next level! Beautiful.

Jacky said...

I love this! I would never have thought of putting the Fairy Dust over it, but I will now. The combination is beautiful. :)

Gosia said...

so I'm not too big on nude colors but that's exactly what I do with them: spice them up with Fairy Dust!!! little sprinkle on my nails and they instantly look fabulous!!! Just like yours =) I love the combo!!!

Polish and Such said...

I really love this combo and even Eagle Street on it's own. It kind of reminds me of Essie Ladylike. I now have Fairy Dust as a polish I need to look for. Good to know about your tricks for applying it! Lovely!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

oooh I love the combination! Fairy Dust sounds tricky to apply, but I like your trick of adding thinner right before you use it. I also do the same for a couple of polishes I have.

~ Yun

P.S. Hope I posted this in the right place this time! ;)

Miriam Helena said...

very cute!

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