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I was recently tagged by Jessica of Love For Lacquer in the I ♥ Fall tag. I really like these kinda posts. A collection of randomness under the title "favorites", regardless of what the theme is. For that matter, I'm totally hooked on Jessica's monthly favorites posts. You really have to follow her and see for yourself!
Anyway, now it's a Fall tag and I really wanted to play along. This tag originally started as a YouTube thing but I think I am through with the video part of my life. So I'll follow Jessica's steps and post my pictures for it.

Favorite Fall lip product?

I hardly use any make up at all. Only on very very special occasions and only very skin-toned products. I can't really stand the feeling of being made-up. So my favorite lip product is a gloss that is very close to my lips tones. As for the fall connection - I received this beauty just now, as Fall begins, from my friend Gosia at Life in Color!  It is amazing, very beautiful and delicate in color, has a yummy smell and is made with natural ingredients. What else do I need? This is Bare Minerals in Fruit Cocktail.

Favorite Fall Nail Polish?
In this category I had a very hard time limiting my selection. I really love all shades of orange and brown and red and yellow which are all fall colors. But also - the dark colored polishes are also fall for me. And that list is also huge. Besides, I change my "favorites" every day or so... Eventually I picked three polishes that are the most "FALL" for me. That cozy feeling you get when it becomes chilly outside. You know? So left to right are: Cherry Pie - model's Own, Scarab - Illamasqua and Jem - Zoya. In this photo they look very similar but they are not. Links are to their swatches.

Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink?
I don't go to Starbucks. I don't have it anywhere near me and I never thought it was that big a deal to worth driving to. Besides, in Israel we don't celebrate the Halloween and we actually barely have a fall at all. So there's nothing special in the public places' menus for that matter. However, when the evenings do get chilly, I do have a favorite drink. It's a cinnamon tea from Mackwoods tea plantations that I brought from Sri Lanka. It's a very delicate tea with an amazing smell and a very gentle natural sweet and it's the most lovely thing to drink when it's cold outside.

Favorite Fall Candle?
Although I have plenty of candle holders all over my apartment, hanging on the walls and standing on the floor, I hardly ever light them up. I just learnt how hard it is to clean after they finish burning. Instead I use a bottle of a mixture of essential oils and some bamboo sticks that lets the oil diffuse and spread their smell. And my most favorite one is the mix of Lavender, Patchouli and Vanilla. I love this one through out the entire year. But something in it's sweetness make it especially suitable for the Fall. it works just like comfort food. It wraps you in a soft and very familiar hug of magical air. This product is even called "Magic Moments".

Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory
I almost never wear scarves. It is never cold enough here, especially not during the Fall. Instead I have another accessory to show you. It is new to me but it's colors are so perfect for the Fall that it was the first item I had in mind when I started to think about writing this post!
This ring was made for me by my friend Mati at Criminal Nails. Mati just started making some nail polish jewelry and I am so honored to have her first ring and I love this color combo so much! The dark berry color with all the fun glitter creates a look that is so right to start the heavier clothing with, in my opinion.

Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
As I said before, we don't celebrate Halloween so I don't really have any experience with either one of those. But if I have to imagine which I would like to try, I think I would go with the Haunted Corn Maze. Something about it makes me feel it will be the least scary option for my sensitive nerves LOL.

Favorite Halloween movie?
In this category there's a close tie between Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family and Beetlejuice. In this category I am actually open to new ideas. But to be qualified to become a nominee for this title, the movie much be fun, NOT scary and have either vampires, witches, warewolves or other fantasy creature - or all of them together.

Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
Oh that's easy. M&Ms White Chocolate Corn Candy, hands down. Pure perfection. Nothing less.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Since I don't really celebrate Halloween, I can't really answer this question. However, if I did celebrate Halloween, most likely I would be a vampire of sort.

What is your Favorite thing about Fall?
The air becomes cooler and I can wear my knitted socks with sheep fur inside.

This was so much fun to do! Thank you Jessica for this awesome idea!!!
And here I planned to tag some of my favorite bloggers but I realized there were so many, so I decided instead to leave you the option to do this post and link it to my page. This will be open until the end of November, when I believe the Fall is ending and Winter begins.
Feel free to join. You can find the script code to add this collection to your own page Here


Bénédicte said...

OMG M&Ms White Chocolate Corn Candy ♥_♥

Criminal Nails said...

Wow that was a cool post! :D Cinnamon tea is really awesome, I love it too. And vanilla tea :) And HAAAA I was so happy to see my ring! It really goes very well with your skintone! YAY I am happy that you like it sweetie ^^

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oh those socks look so amazingly cozy! :D

~ Yun

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